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Here's what happens with Apple Music and Google Home

CORRECTION: It was claimed by a first version of this story, the future integration of Apple Music and Google Home in the near future and bad software. Since then, we have been familiar with the existing glitch features, and it does not mean that Apple Music integration matches. The correct version of the story is below.

Before Wednesday, Business Insider announced that Apple Music was getting the smart Home Home Talkers – an "error" that revealed an "error" to reveal a new feature of the Google Home smartphone.

However, on Wednesday, Business Insider understood that it was misunderstood, and this "bug" does not mean Apple Music is initially coming to Google Home.

Currently, users are already using Google Assistant to help Apple Music launch songs. One known thing is that Google Assistant and Google Home share different music service settings and, as a result of a mistake, the Apple Music setting was wider than Google Home users.

It is still unclear what Google could have caused this "bug" as soon as possible.

MacRumors first discovered that Google Home users could see Apple Music as an attraction option. It seemed strange, however, that the company did not make any calls.

Screenshot / Business Director

On Tuesday afternoon, Apple Music was no longer part of the Google Home app and the mix was related to "software error". At that time, it was not clear how bugs Apple Music's name and logo would appear in the Google Home app.

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Apple would have the sense to bring its music playback service to Google Home devices. As sales of IPhone are reduced, it is advisable to reduce the company's focus on product innovation and services, such as music, video and news.

Last December, Apple was facing Amazon's announcement, which Apple Music was available for smart speakers, along with Amazon's Voice Assistant. Apple Music is also available on the intelligent HomePod speaker of the company, which does not support other music playback services. his own

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