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Hockey World Cup 2018: Hockey comes home

Today's World Championship in Bhubaneswar, which means Indian coaches and young players, mean here

INDIAN HOCKEY & # 39; 1983 & # 39;


A world cup is unique in front of the home crowd. As India approaches its first match, the excitement is palpable. This Indian group has excellent youth and experience mixes. The average age is 20 years old, ideal for hockey. Although this group of younger worlds has a lot of teams, this factor can be its advantage. There is experience like Sreejesh, Kothajit, Harmanpreet, Manpreet, Birendra Lakra. They make up girls and direct the plays, young players will use speed, intensity and exuberance to win the ball, to start counterattacks and fall back when needed. The World Cup will be an agent for Indian hockey, as the Cricket World Cup in 1983 was an Indian cricket. To do this, we need to fix our mistakes. We have to deal with the same game, as in our last match. In one of the championships like the World Cup, you get every single result in one stage. So we have to match one match at the same time and in the enjoyment of our time, at the best of every player that guarantees the best level. So, whether you are Bhubaneswar or not, you have encouraged us to do what we need to do.




Before a few months before the Lucknow Junior World Cup, we had our national camp at the Shilaroo Higher Training Center. Thereafter, coach Harendra Singh gave us an exercise: we wanted to write finalists who wanted to write. I wrote Belgium. They were definitely a team, and definitely hockey super power now. And according to that kind of fear, people who helped someone would react to the fear of losing their fear. This was after the Junior World Cup, I would like to recreate Bhubaneswar. Youngsters who told us that it was something that was a good performance in the Junior World Cup would be our career in national hockey. Many of us have encountered a senior team from the Junior World Cup team to build an individual game. This is now our chance to become a legend of the game.




Usually, the second goalkeeper was not able to play, but this year I was lucky as I have replaced the PR Sreejesh matches in the third and fourth quarters. Learning was valuable. My advantage is that they also share a room with Sreejesh. As I learned from the same place, it helps us to learn how to prepare before the game that matches the support I live in, just like the hard-fought team is approaching. Being a good mentor is critical. It is always difficult for youngsters to enter the senior team. I had trouble calling the elders of the ground. You are conscious of showing respect and end up having "# |" paaji & # 39; I decided to call in the field and help the group not. The court stressed that we are not doing it and playing it. The young people like Sreejesh and Manpreet are exhilarating from abroad, and they are constantly ready for their experience for us.




Playing in the center of Manpreet Singh is the same experience. As Juniors, we often stop many times when we make mistakes and this can often slow down, but Manpreet does not feel like that, and is always his rookie. In the Asian Champions Trophy, his experience helped us to stay calm and focus on the game. In my opinion, we have improved a lot to work on a tandem and it has given a rule: "Play the same practice and all will be good". When we met, we treated him as senior, and I had doubts about myself, but now he is a friend, he really helped me. I'm excited and I feel excited about it with the Junior World Cup because it's a big responsibility for playing with home fans. I hope that I play only in the team and I hope all of our coaches' games have been launched.




We had the confidence of our Junior World Cup Success factor team in the field, both in the field and outside. When we entered the valley, coach Harendra Singh said: "No one is from different states, but you are the only unit of a team with strength." We've developed a link between us all. This means we did not only allow our meals to be allowed with players of our current state. It was compulsory to interact with all players. National campaign rooms were assigned to allow friends to be together. Small things, like food sorts that fit food routines, helps to combine it externally. Nowadays, senior players guarantee that juniorers treat each other as a whole and had a platform for meetings and opinions on a group meeting. The lessons learned in the Junior World Cup have helped us manage the pressure of the senior team: the expectations are greater, they need focus and commitment.


Here are some information about the World Cup 2018:

India will travel to Belgium, Canada and South Africa.


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