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Homesick Elon Musk's "70 percent" is likely to return to Mars, although he dies


Homesick Elon Musk's "70 percent" is likely to return to Mars, although he dies

Musk shows the darts of poison, to destroy his enemies for the hair of Prince Leia

MEN IN BLACK& # 39; S Nemesis, Elon Musk said Mars is likely to go to Mars, but experience is likely to be one of his men being the role of his guests.

HBO told the television Axios There is a chance to "70 percent" for the fortnight, in the case of dead people who may be able to run their company.

"The death of Mars is much higher than the Earth," Musk said, "death is a good option."

Tesla / SpaceX / Boring / Hyperloop is one of the groups that wants to send a group of colonizing guru to Mars. In the past, he affirmed that brave souls would never return, because their technology for recovery was only available to Andy Wier novels.

"Constantly dying in Mount Everest" rationalizes it ", they still like to make a challenge."

Mr. Musk recently announced that SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket would take it as a "Starship". Similarly, the company's local exploitation will be used for places, such as the Recovery of the Moon and the final recolonization.

SpaceX is currently the commercial commercial NASA partner, whose long-term bets continue to expand in a space backup.

Although Muskrat would not be possible for humans to go through Martha for a few years, then in the coming years we can see many other activities in the sky.

Richard Branson is expected to be launched by Virgin Atlantic yet in 2021, resulting in Space Tourism through SpaceX and NASA through 2023. The previous Musk tips have been launched in 2022, but it's likely that as the PR slipped people around the ordinary people is not great.

In the meantime, Musk has pumped over to the progress made in Mars, which is what the team is doing: "We've done a lot of progress we've done recently," he said.

Another good argument for making a trip can be avoided as it would be inevitable for action, or if the Tesla model does not start as the 3rd model, it will have a Public Treasury on its ass.

Wait … inside? Outland Revenue.

UPDATED: Elon Musk has been proposed as not clarifying algae, but, in truth, we are still quite nice to rule out the rule. μ

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