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In exchange for shares in bank subway lines

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Metro Bank shares have fallen dramatically during the second day, after opening up to £ 350m for investors to link the financial gap left by an accounting error.

The Bank revealed last month that it has undervalued the level of risk of commercial loans.

As a result, it expects to reduce new shares.

Bank share prices fell 16% on Tuesday, with 20% more on Wednesday.

All details of the capital collection plan were opened Tuesday afternoon, after closing markets in London.

The Bank also presented pre-tax taxes of 50 million pesetas in 2018, 140% more than the previous year, but it is less than the estimated £ 59m for each analyst.

The chief executive of the Bank, Craig Donaldson, told Reuters that the news agency "was not a question mark" was more than his future.

He said he had proposed the cancellation of the accounting error, but he trusted the committee. However, it was the result of his bonus.

In the latest survey on client satisfaction, the latest survey conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority in this month, Metro Bank took its top spot with 83% of customers, recommending banks to their families and friends.

Rankings are drawn from 16,000 people (1,000 in each bank) perspective, who was asked how they could be recommended to their account provider for friends and family.

For the personal bank, Metro Bank started working in 2010 in the UK, the most.

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