Sunday , June 13 2021

In regards to questions, Google thinks it is better not to show a response, instead of BGR links

Google has reiterated the development of a new search function, which is widespread after launching it for the first time this year as an experiment. This particular feature may be to weaken the main thing with Google Search, which is expected to be a large set of links to respond to your queries.

But there is no question, say, if you ask for the answer 2 plus 2? – It requires a couple of links. In fact, in some cases, the direct answer will be correct. You'll get your answer faster, and Google's search is getting faster and faster. Taking this into consideration, welcome to the Google live response feature.

With time, calculations, and many other conversion-related questions, Google shows you the only direct result. It will hide other results, although you can click on a link to see the full selection of the links you want. This broader feature feature continues an experiment this year and has seen it Search Engine Land, Confirming the details of Google's details.

As always, the purpose of the search is to help people find the most relevant information quickly. The questionnaires allow us to find a calculation, unit conversion or local time with a great deal of confidence, we will show only one result to improve charging time on the mobile. Since we started in February, we've been able to get rid of ads and improve the quality of our experience, when we're looking for the user we are looking for and still see more results.

Here's what this feature appears in practice. In the chart below, you can look up results in search results, about a simple math problem and about temperature conversion questions.

Image source: 9to5Google

This search function for direct response is available on the mobile website, as well as in the Google Search app on Android and iOS versions. for 9to5Google, the results obtained in the desktop will also be provided with built-in tools, showing the calculator showing your result, and following ten blue lines.

Image source: Don Ryan / AP / Shutterstock

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