Friday , June 18 2021

ISS WC Swarmed By & # 39; Space Bugs & # 39; Astronauts did not cause it

The study has shown that five strains of the mysterious bacteria found in the space station were one species, Enterobacter bugandensis. Their babies were infected with the genomes that were detected on this planet, increasing concerns about the health of astronauts.

Astronauts join the International Space Station with a "space bugs" colony, which could create a new risk for future mission spaces.

According to researchers at the California Institute of Technology, the findings of the BMC Microbiology magazine, the orbiting progression has five varieties of Enterobacter, including bacterial bacterial infections, infected, infected, newborn, African, and North American bacteria. America. Microbial samples were a common space station and a space exercise.

Thanksgiving at the International Space Station

"Five ISS Enterobacter tension genomes were found to be three genetic tensions that were found on Earth, one of three species of bacteria, called Enterobacter bugandensis, which infected and endangered the illness in the patient, in three hospitals (East Africa, Washington State and Colorado ) were approved, "said Kasthuri Venkateswaran, a senior researcher in the study commissioner's laboratory.

The research team believes that bacteria do not have a current form of human health threats. However, they must be warned that "space defects" should be monitored as a potential risk to future missions.

When ISS tensions appear to be in their form in the presence of non-human virulence, the authors warn that the probability of a disease is 79%. However, scientists used the computer analysis to predict more research on living organisms.

Source: Sputnik News

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