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Keane & # 39; skills & # 39; It will be crucial for Irish – Dokter

The school itself: Dokter says that Dundalk clearly defined a philosophy and style game under Stephen Kenny (pictured)
The school itself: Dokter says that Dundalk clearly defined a philosophy and style game under Stephen Kenny (pictured)
Ruud Dokter. Photo: Stephen McCarthy / Sportsfile

Daniel McDonnell

FAI's Senior Director Ruud Dokter has said Robbie Kean will bring a special skill to Mick McCarthy's role as back-and-forth players, and he will also take part in youngsters at an advanced striker.

At the age of 38, when one of McCarthy's associates earlier this week announced a negative comment, he still considered his entire Pro License.

Next January will begin the course to complete its titles.

But Dokter has dismissed this suggestion that he has already posted an incorrect message with other buses that have crossed the entire system.

John Delaney and McCarthy FAI's CEO said this week that Kean might be a part of the expected plan to be successful by Stephen Kenny by 2020.

"It's not a bad sign," says Dokter, a bit more about the level of self-assurance, as part of Kenny's shift towards a greater responsibility for Kenny's men.

"It's amazing that Robbie Kean, with his profile, wants older people but other groups to participate.

"Under 13 and under 15 leagues, there's a great passion for developing football in Ireland, it's a great deal. It's going to be a Pro License, so you can not be rigid.

"There is no employee and Robbie has his own abilities, as Mick says, the staff will challenge it and that's great. It's Irish's dynamics."

Dokter has argued that his short does not take Irish clothing or any place in the bank. When Martin O & # 39; Neill was in charge, the Dutchman's task was to supervise all sides in the senior male team.

This has been tweaked a bit now. They took part in discussions between Dokter McCarthy and Kenny.

"It is gathering more people, based on the collaboration of players' development," he said. "Mick and Stephen and other people's meetings will be there.

At the age of 63, he said that Kenny was a long acknowledgment of his relationship with his younger and senior team, for example, in terms of play style, although he insisted again that it was impossible to be a "rigid" field.

"I appreciate the top difficulties," he said. "It's very easy, but you do not know. I have always said that in the development of players we need a common philosophy and approach.

"When we talked about conversing with Mickie conversations," how do you want to play it fit your style? "It should not be completely different.

"You've watched a play style attack with minors you've seen, this is important. If you develop people, if you challenge and have a proactive approach, there are no under 15 seats in the results.

"But under 19, you get better results and you have to become a realist."

Dokter suggested that Kenny thinks Irish players have stressed that he is the same as Dundalk's boss with the usual British-based criticism. He does not believe the mode of reproduction in the development of players who play in water.

"I have continued with Dundalk in years and the way I play it, it's a proof of its philosophy and play," said Dokter. "I met a lot of Stephen before and we made debates before.

"As I said, we need to look beyond England, it's a very different environment to join. So go to Denmark, go to Belgium, go to France, go to Holland, challenge yourself. If you want to start a professional player.

"He played by Jack Byrne in Cambuur, who had a difficult start to the injury but he went ahead and was in anguish, I would like to continue for two or three years.

"It's very important that players have good tips, where much talent is lost because of the wrong decisions."

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