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Lakers and Celtics are looking for inspiration

FEBRUAN. 1, Indiana Pacers woke up in four games in Miami, wound up, his Victor-Oladipo All-Star being regaining end-of-season surgery, and at the Eastern Conference they reached fifth place and did not give any help. trading period will come.

In all NBA teams every season, a small rain falls. Sometimes there is a lot. Sometimes it's a mourning.

Stunning training is a skill, especially in a league, for a regular seven-month period. It's something that can be taught. It's something that can be learned. And Pacers recently put in a clinic.

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Even though Detroit's disappointing loss on Monday caused disappointing Monday, Pacers is 8-2 in February. There are third place in the East. Second place in the league title for the months of the defensive (probably not much attention, Orlando Magic is the first).

Coach Nate McMillan sold his team in the definition of the role, which is hard enough for the NBA average. McMille has six key players, this summer, one of the free agents and another, Domantas Sabonis, who is extending, is a backbone that could manage.

Presidents McMillan, Kevin Pritchard and Chad Buchanan have open doors to discuss in-depth discussions about internal agencies. If the player wants to talk about it, management is not enough. They run a business, and Indiana is not making any money without money, but they have tried to make it more transparent.

Whether it's a success or not, Pacers does not play like a group that looks worried about the next wage. They will be happy to have an equally effective candidate that opens with seemingly minimal ego or agenda problems. At least five double images have been obtained 52 times in 61 games, the highest number of leagues. Seven players have double figures in 12 times; They are playing 11-1.

Leaders are Thaddeus Young, especially those in the group, and players like platooning – especially guards and big men – by matchups. And if they are not, it has not become a public.

March arrangement is violent and may not hang until the seed of the 3rd. But the professionalism of the challenges has been exemplary. To be honest, it might be an example with some of them.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have been ahead of this season. Brian Babineau / NBAE / Getty Images

That is, one of Boston's groups that is currently eating dust. Celtics have not had any part of this season. It was a mistake Kyrie Irving and the younger members of the team, who were interlinked, tried to repeat the season repeatedly.

Irving's free agency, on the other hand, had a good deviation. Even with the intention of eliminating the subject of a preseason betrothal, he was only fifty years old in the middle of his life and could make it worse.

The coach Brad Stevens struggled at the time to buy his talent group for certain roles, because he was back with Gordon Hayward's return. Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier, two players who have been contracted at the end of the season have adjusted to smaller roles. Ulster talented high school Jayson Tatum has disappeared because Stevens has been forced into the discipline of the game.

Stevens and Celtics have lived in a minor world of hope during the last few seasons, but it has been due to the lateness of LeBron James's presence or re-adaptation. Celtics, the last season, were experts in the management of friendship to overcome Hayward and Irving injuries. Two years ago, Isaiah Thomas was the focus and emotional overcoming unfortunate events.

But this season there has been a lack of magic and it appears in the classification and space between Boston and Indiana. The advantage of Celtics is the rest of the season. Right now, violent jails against Philadelphia and Indiana are being kicked, without the advantage of the home appeals, if they do not hold the March challenge.

If you are the most desperate team in East Boston, the West has some of the biggest problems. Los Angeles Lakers has some important flaws of flute: pure filming, a stalking bullying against the most vulnerable and unprotected men, beginning with number 23, but they have gotten a floor of F to manipulate adversity at this point.

There is no doubt about the unfortunate injuries caused by Lakers. James, Christmas and Lonzo Ball's handlebars in Houston last month was just luck. Rajon Rondo has two surgeries in his hand. If they were healthy, they would be eight qualifiers? Probably.

But this is the NBA, nothing is perfect. Instead, the whole team of Lakers has set a tone for this season to deal with misfortunes and overtake.

The president of Magic Johnson, Luke Walton, made a bad workout in the screaming session of the morning, and quickly went to the public, managing Anthony Davis's trade talks, after he moved 3,000 miles to the locker room half way through. Basically "Grow."

Walton has not been able to sell his team consistently and the Lakers are not ready.

James did a groin injury that was totally conditioning, something he never did in his career, he had an annual strategy to build himself for the playoffs. He had a misfortune of centrality – his Cavs 500 was in January 2015 and in February 2018 he traded almost half of the list, but he did not question anything at all.

But since Lakers has suffered bitter losses over the last few days, James has gone back to traditional old-fashioned means of being passive-aggressive in the media. When he is at the top of his game, he covers those blemishes with the aliens. But right now he can not go through that level every night and the comments are adding to the misfortune of the unfortunate pie.

The young players of Lakers have had the splendor of grandeur, especially those who have played a lot in playing James. And when the loss of injury, a golden opportunity that holds the focus, Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma were not the stars. There was no acceptance of the Pelican of New Orleans in the commercial offer.

To be honest, a group like Pacers does not have to be a focus on the media such as Celtics or Lakers. Indiana did not even face Davis's commercial demand, the Lakers and Celtics changing rooms seemed different.

However, Pacers was the leader who managed to become the leader. They won the night. Toronto Raptors above.

NBA pardon is the volume. The season is very long to make a constant return. That way, some elements are needed, however, and you or not.

LAKERS & # 39; The chances of the playoffs, James has achieved his goal. And there's a truth there. Its basic statistics have fallen into most categories, except bouncing. Efficiency has also disappeared and in the 2006-2007 season it has been the smallest PER. Whether a bankruptcy can be injured, a new team, age or interest level change for discussion. His statistics won his first year in Cleveland for 2014-15, especially the percentage of his films.

Brian Windhorst and guests discuss Boston's fight, if LeBron is the best NBA player and much more. Listen now!

But more attention has been paid to the end of the defensive effort. Clips are very useful in social media. James is not rotating and easy to make. James does not break the defense and the team is in a scramble. And, in truth, his worst habit, the challenge of the man who does not paint himself in the painting and outsource it. And all these moments are legitimate.

However, James has won the best defensive time for three seasons. His defense score has improved. Most of his defense defines the most minus as the sixth best league defender among the small forward. In Cleveland last season, it was a passionate and unbelievable moment. Among the 50 smallest positions in the RPM defense. He also had the worst personal defense of his professional career.

If you want to find a place for Walton credits, Lakers play 12th defense. It's not consistent – there's nothing in the group – but it's clear that there's been a shining spot.

James has been an assistant, although some of these bass plays have been renowned. Reality James's defensive effort has diminished dramatically in recent years, at least regular season, and there is a lot of against evidence. But according to the latest standards, the defense has a good "good".

James should think better about the defense of his "elimination". If you are San Antonio Spurs and LA Clippers, today's teams have made their final debut. It is 5.00 kilometers. Lakers will reach 15-7.

The reason is that Clippers and Spurs have a little easier than Lakers. And that is not mentioned by Sacramento Kings and Minnesota Timberwolves, which would also be the Lakers outplay.

On the other hand, Lakers win 23-19 for James this season and 6-12. Despite not losing a match, the 32- and 28-day rounds of Lakers would be in the 32nd and 29th positions this time. Only 8 would grow somewhat right now.

So, at this point, James and his teammates have an urgent time.

Los Angeles Clippers owns Steve Ballmer's plans to build a new arena in Inglewood. Photo AP / Marcio José Sánchez

NBA PROPERTY Many businesses and their partnerships outside of the outside. Clippers owns conflict between Steve Ballmer and the company New York's Knicks, James Dolan, has become a wicked, and will be a legal fight that could interfere with the NBA business.

Dolan is the Inglewood Forum, a building of the Madison Square Garden Company has made $ 100 million to make a first-class concert hall. Ballmer has the capital of Inglewood to develop a new location with Clippers during the forum's staging at Staples Center. As you think, MSG and Dolan are not happy with this development.

Soil control is the MSG used to make use of wages to overflow parking. But they left the lease in the city when it planned to build the technology park. When Ballmer Inglewood announced to Clippers his wonderful new home, Dolan was furious. He took him to court.

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