Thursday , August 11 2022

LG Patent Reviews on a Smartphone with 16 rear camera sensors


The global mobile phone market is a battlefield for a new war with manufacturers that compete with the number of camera sensors in a smartphone. Samsung has approximately four camera sensors next to the Galaxy A9 (2018). However, LG may aim to move it to a different level, not just four, but with 16 rear camera lenses. The South Korean manufacturer has received a patent in the US, keeping behind the 16 lens cameras in the back of the phone in the design of the matrix style.

In a US patented by the USPTO of the United States, LetsGo Digital's blog, according to the Dutch, has determined the design of the company to configure 16 cameras. In a matrix arrangement, multiple sensors will allow a single photo to be taken to different perspectives. Different angles can be used to kick your chances.

Additionally, this patent camera configuration allows a sophisticated technological facial recognition. This feature allows users to replace other people with previous photos with previous people. If it is not specified, it will be interesting how to get out of this reality.

There will also be a mirror behind the 16 rear camera sensors, so the cars of the same camera can take them with the same camera. Patent also states that this design is not applicable to traditional phone layout, like a phone with a folded phone or another type of phone.

While it was not a mobile phone, the light camera was actually the first device to have a total 16 cameras sensors. However, getting smartphones is not crazy, as the device is not just about the machine mechanism, as well as mobile phones.

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