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Life on Mars: Ancient Egyptian tomb explains UFO experts and pyramids on Earth Weird | News


Scott C Waring's UFOlogist thinks the evidence of a real "Egyptian style carving" can outline the mysteries of the Great Pyramids of Mankind. The lost carving of the tomb of a strange king, Mr. Waring found in a 12-year NASA Mars rover photo. Self-esteem UFO expert shared his "jewelry" discovery on his ET Data Base blog, arguing that he was a real deal. Waring wrote: "I wanted to share with you. I found an Egyptian style engraved on a hill on a Mars, but I've found them.

"There are other great workshops next to this one, and I have added a yellow color to make it visible to the image, black and white images, the details often seem more difficult."

Mr. Waring's color, a picture, looks like a human appearance that emerges from the cliff.

The ancient Egyptian headgear looks like ancient Egyptian costumes on the ancient Egyptian pillow.

And the general form of the supposed board is surprisingly remembered by the sarcophagus of a mummy or the statue of God that is sitting.

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Mr Waring said: "This is really what I am asking, The ancient Egyptians are from Mars?

"They went to Egypt, because Egypt looks and weather is very similar to Marte?"

"Other parts of the Earth do not look like Mars. So, if it's true, it explains why the amazing pyramids that arise from nowhere to the center.

"They could come because they were closest to home."

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The photo was taken by NASA's Mars Opportunity rover on May 7, 2007.

According to the US space agency, it does not show any extraterrestrial discovery, 39 meters high (12 m) from the edge of the Crater of Victoria.

Victoria is a great impact crater known as Cape St Vincent in the Common Plains of Meridiani, and explored a solitary wildlife of NASA.

NASA said: "These high-resolution images have given scientists the chance to imagine a large area of ​​dunes in the Victoria Crater rocks, unlike the Sahara desert in the Middle East, and migrated to the old wind by an ancient north wind in the whole region of the south.

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"The other chemical and mineral rover measurements have shown that ancient dunes that have been investigated at Meridiani Planum have recently changed their surface and liquid surface water.

"Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity Panoramic Camera May 7, 1167 – It was acquired on May 7, 2007 and was built from 16 mathematical combinations of blue image – 480 nm – images."

But why did Mr. Waring try to call a foreign roots formation?

The obvious reason is a psychological intelligence known as paridol.

NASA explained: "Pareidolos are psychological phenomena, where people are psychological phenomena that can detect objects or data that are unconnected to clouds, rock formations or otherwise. There are many examples of this phenomenon in Earth and in space."

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