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LinkedIn used 18 million email addresses for non-Facebook members

LinkedIn used 18 million email addresses for non-Facebook members

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LINKEDIN USED The Irish Data Protection Commission (IDPC) has a small bracelet, with 18 million email addresses being used, amongst the world's largest web page libraries.

Report (PDF) It did not explain how LinkedIn got 18 million email addresses content, but the company explains what it used to: announce a T-shirt and tie social network on Facebook's T-shirt and jeans. The company uses an email address format for "user-friendly data management instruction missing" addressed to Facebook users.

In this case, data controller LinkedIn would be Ireland. Like other companies in the evolution of the GDPR law, LinkedIn moved to data processing operations in the United States to "rationalize" operations.

The report stressed that this complaint was happy: "The complaint was, ultimately, the solution of the other party, and LinkedIn executed immediate actions to stop the processing of user data for the purpose of complaint."

But investigations called for a second inspection in the IDPC's "broader systematic identified problems", specifically how "LinkedIn Corp prescribed a professional recommendation for a professional network for non-LinkedIn users." LinkedIn indicates that your colleague has forgotten the second signing. In other words.

"Thanks to our findings of the audit, LinkedIn Corp has instructed LinkedIn Ireland, as an EU user data controller, to complete the pre-calculation process and to eliminate all personal data related to that process before May 25, 2018." As the DPC reports. This date, if you did not have a tattoo on your chest this year, when GDPR entered.

It's not just to dress in the LinkedIn report. Yahoo's security breach details and updates on Facebook's on-going investigations; The use of facial recognition and how much data is shared with WhatsApp. μ

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