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Meizu Zero, the first mobile phone, without any ceramic case

Changes to mobile phones have only been in recent years in recent years when they are in different areas of innovation (battery charging, audio connections, etc.). Therefore, it is surprising that in this case it is not marketed by any of the Chinese companies of Meizu that are unfocused.

Meizu Zero, the name of the latest device, comes with a full-screen ceramic body, wireless charging, eSim and IP68.

"We have created Meizu zero, a truly uninterrupted design, with the hope of realizing the unlimited extreme and embedded ideas, the endless 3D ceramic full-screen 3D design and prototype, which is a perfect illustration of" mobility "," durability "and" ergonomics " , leads the revolutionary technology of the future to today ". shows the press conference quoted.

The battery and data transfer cable has been switched wirelessly via a USB cable with a dedicated charging deck that can handle the fast charge and USB 3.0 transfer speeds.

They are also using a new technology to make calls, putting your ear against the screen. The MSound 2.0 screen technology converts the entire front screen into an external speaker and, as a holeless one, inserts the speakerphone and mic grlls into a better sound quality.

Very interesting eSim support, since the sim tray is eliminated. The SIM is parked elsewhere and has a digital management capability, "a number of devices to efficiently manage users". The fingerprint reader is also integrated into the screen, the innovation being developed by Apple and Samsung.

Meizu was founded in 2003 in Zhuahai, China and began operating smartphones in 2008.

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