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Momo challenged & # 39; hacking & # 39; Peppa Pig, Fortnite and YouTube warn the school

A suicidal challenge is being incorporated into Momo children's YouTube shows, such as Peppa Pig, a school has warned.

Parents believe that their children are safe to see a normal episode of their favorite programs, but a "Momo" clip spliced ​​to the YouTube client.

The "Momo" # 39; character – frightening doll face – interrupt the show and threaten the audience to contact a WhatsApp number.

Some parents say their children say they "will sleep dead" if they do not contact "Momo".

When a child is connected to Momo, the person behind the account can be sent to WhatsApp's child.

They are said to be harmed by users and kill themselves and are not threatened by "orders".

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Momo has been linked to the number of deaths

The "Challenge" has recently made way for the United Kingdom, which has already been linked to suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

The French father accused the Nation's State Department when his son took his life.

And the Belgian prosecutor announced in November 2018 that a boy had been hanging himself for a 13-year-old "Momo Challenge".

The Special Northcott Community School in Bransholme, Hull, said parents were "disgusted" about the phenomenon "preventing adult detection", the report says Hull Live.

In a twinkle, the school said: "We know of some nasty challenges (Momo Challenge) for hacking in children's programs.

"Challenges through YouTube, Fortnite, through Peppa Pig appear in the middle of avoiding adult detection.

"Please be aware of your children using IT, the images are very disturbing."

Hull school warns parents to look after them

& # 39; Momo & # 39; She is a very horrible character, with incredible qualities and with violent eyes.

Avatar was the work of the Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, not a job related to the game.

The doll contacts children through social media, before sending graphic images and "orders".

In the final letter to parents, St. Bedes RC School in Carlisle, Cumbria warns about the "boring" game.

The school said: "From the beginning of heart and fun, the gaming experience is becoming overshadowed by the progression of violence and self-harm through progressively dangerous challenges."

He added: "The challenges in this game are endangering children's safety and well-being, well-being and well-being in our schools in the United Kingdom, and a player does not know how content is annoying.

Momo is a Japanese character by Midori Hayashi, who has nothing to do with the game
Momo is a Japanese character by Midori Hayashi, who has nothing to do with the game

Along with the disturbing resemblances of the "Blue Whale challenge", it has also been linked to five cases of childhood suicide. "

According to the NSPCC, children should not feel like doing something that is not safe.

The spokeswoman said: "Children can create difficulties with collective pressure, but they need to know each other perfectly to avoid feeling safe or scared.

"Parents should talk to their children, and they stressed that they can make their own choices and not discuss ways they are talking about.

"Although they are still reassured for their acceptance yet, even if they do not go to the public, they will help them to make them hurt or uncomfortable."

Russia, the challenge & # 39; It has been linked to at least 130 teenage deaths.

But the UK Police thinks hackers really use it to get personal information from social networking users.

Schools have warned
Schools have warned that the risk of children is "alarming"

Northern Ireland agents have said the scary character "crawled and killed on your children's phone."

However, the content of the game is "horrible".

In a Facebook post, Craigavon's PSNI said: "Momo," "Suicide game hits UK" is the latest online application-based character. Short-term impact in the short term, but not long term, because it is somewhat higher.

"Although basic open-source research suggests that" Momo "information is being managed by hackers who are searching for oneself, there is no controversy about anyone who is behind it, because of that, nothing with the chat function."

"The risk is put under pressure by your child by following the" ANY app's orders "following" challenges or even pressure on the chat rooms and the like ".

Whatever you are doing, the Samaritan can hear at any time, free of charge for 116 123.

There are around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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