Friday , July 1 2022

More than 100 scientists in China say that the baby's gene edition is "crazy"


SHANGHAI: Over 100 scientists, most of China, have called for a "madman" and an interruption of a geneticist after changing genetic mutations, twin girls changing new genes to create the first gene-edited babies.

An open letter on the line, scientists say the risk of editing human embryos genes CRISPR-Cas9 technology was damaging, and damaging China's reputation and development in the biomedicine community.

In line-up videos, according to Jiankui scientist, he defended what he did, he made an embryo for gender embryos to support babies born to support babies born to HIV in this month with HIV.

"We have only one name in the biomedical ethics review we call research – live human experiments can be described as crazy directly," a copy of the Chinese news website published by the scientists said.

"The Pandora box has been opened, and we can have the brightness of hope before it's too late", said 120 scientists in the Chinese language.

Yang Zhengang, a professor at Fudan University, said the letter Reuters signed the genes edition as "very dangerous".

In fact, he had to talk about the human genome at the top of the Hong Kong University on Wednesday, and did not respond to a request from Reuters.

The University of Southern Science and Technology, where he was a member associate, took on the research project and left it unpaid in February.

The Chinese National Health Commission said on Monday it was "very worried" and the health officials of the province "immediately investigated and clarified".

The medical board of the Southern Public Health Ethics Committee in South China, Shenzhen, has said that this case was being investigated by the Guangdong Health Board of the Province, according to the daily Metropoli diario del Sur.

CRISPR-Cas9 is a technology that scientists can cut and paste in DNA, increasing genetic repair of illnesses. However, there are concerns about security and ethics.

(Graph explaining the technical edition of Crispr DNA,

The conference organized by the Hong Kong Conference in Hong Kong on Monday organized the Second International Creativity of the Human Genome Publishers, which was just about the work of girls' genes.

"Our goal is to ensure that human genome research is conducted," said the commission.

(John Ruwitch's Report in Shanghai, edited by Holly Chik and Anne Mare Roantree in Hong Kong, edited by Darren Schuettler, Robert Birsel)

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