Wednesday , July 6 2022

Mpofu at home deco point


JAZZ Crooner and Green Ambassador. Dereck Mpofu continues to spit on his musical career, along with another ambassador added to his curriculum vitae, as he was named as Ambassador named OnPoint Home Decor.


Derek Mpofu has received a letter as a trademark of OnPoint Home Decor

The approval agreement, with one year's value, with the possibility of renewal, Mpof makes trademarks for the promotion of promotional items and markets in different parts of the country to market the product.

While many artists do not live through art, while piracy hunts, sponsors have somehow helped artists who were fortunate enough to be creative.

In the event of NewsDay Life & Style, the founder and director of OnPoint Home Decor, Letwin Dzomba, said Mpofu's love and creativity for the environment.

"As an onPoint Home Decor, we want to be a highlight in homes for decoration and home improvement, tapestries, chalk paintings and furniture restoration. We have decided to work as Ambassador for the Environment, Dereck Mpofu, to be our ambassador for environmentally friendly respect for our environment and spend the same way, "he said.

"As an OnPoint Home Decor, we do not make furniture, but we are already responsible for recycling, as is the restoration and restoration of old restoration of old restoration and restoration. We appreciate the right Mpofu brand as our ambassador for our products. ".

As he continues to grow, his achievements and positive developments continue with many local artists.

Jubilant Mpofu said he could be part of OnPoint Home Decor.

"As an ambassador on OnPoint Home Decor, I will do my best, as well as my image, and a good organization will be a good ambassador, sharing the same vision of environmental protection."

"Bring Back to Equipment Back We organized a campaign for life. We will join the community and let people know about OnPoint Home Decor products, reduce recycling and minimize environmental impact.

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