Monday , August 15 2022

Mudekuri demonstrated against the corruption of MDC parliamentarians; The party's VP defiant says he must shoot


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MDC's lawmakers point out that Elias Mudzuri, president of the party, is on Monday, headed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The opposition's vice president, however, was a challenger, and in a statement that "if it is wrong and if it were a reason, he would be proud of the party."

Following the parliamentary rulings and orders, the Senate President and Parliamentary Spokesman, together with his deputies, presented Mnangagwa to the State House on Monday.

Mudzuri said the ceremony was attended by the invitation of the Senate President at home.

The violent MDC colleagues, including Charlton Hwende and Murwisi Zwizwai, tackled the Mudzuri issue in the budget ceremony held by the legislators of the capital.

In a very broad-based video on social media, Hwende and Zwizwai directed Mudzuri, knowing why it was the only MDC lawmaker to attend the event.

"What did you do at the State House? You are protecting Mnangagwa, we confirm that you and the State House and the elections have been organized," Hwende added.

Zwizwai has been added; "Our parliamentarians were beaten by the police and expelled to the Parliament last week by Mnangagaw, but it was at the Hall of State."

MDC has condemned the victory of Mnangagwa in the elections of July 30, and has accused Zanu PF of voting in favor of the Zimbabweko Electoral Commission (ZEC).

In the presentation of the budget for the last week of 2019, parliamentarians from the opposition parties entered Mnangagwa parliament and police were forced.

The court said the police were beaten out of the house after two of them had been killed in the hospital.

Mudzuri, however, was a challenger because his colleagues considered "little politics".

"Sadness and unfortunate situation is that my junior parliamentary presidents want a small part of politics, part of my referrals as a participant," he said in a statement.

"In my opinion, my conclusion is that I would like to ask what I have done what I have done in my parliamentary" illegality, "and therefore I want to understand that the parliamentary party is still working and the money of taxpayers is wasted.

Hwende and Zwizwai rejected the suggestions, due to the Mnangagwa refuge.

"I went to the state house to appeal to President Mnangagwa, but to respect Parliament's office," said former Harare Mayor.

"If it's bad and it's right, I'm proud of it because I'm shooting for the party.

"My colleagues are sorry, the post-quote quotes by the HICC of fully parliamentary businesses underwent a budget presentation under parliamentary police attacks. What hypocrisy!

He added; "I think I went to the State House that nobody betrayed it; I did not nicodemusly, but they falsified my theatrical accusations with the full knowledge of my colleagues.

"The nation is confronted with acute economic challenges, with the pure leadership of Zanu PF, which should be our vision, but the abuse of my people is very unfortunate."

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