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NASA is lying about the Moon: the Alien Monument on the Moon seen on the UFO hunter. | Jewels | News

When the foot of NASA's Neil Armstrong set on the moon on July 20, 1969, the scenery of the lunar landscape spread directly to the world. UFO hunters and flat Earth theorists are convinced by artificial structures on the Moon. It's such a conspiracy as YouTuber, Donald Wilson, known as Dayton's Donny, who discovered the "Triangle Moon". In a conspiracy video that explains the "great leadership", Wilson said "there should be no place there" to find some lunar structures.

The surface of the UFO hunter's moon shadowed, and it was quite clear that it was a kind of structure.

He also built a version of the Chinese Moon.

Mr Wilson said: "This is a very new one, you know, this cross-section of the triangular monastery next to the usual crater and the path that leads to it, the Moon section.

"This is a new, triangular monument. Look, I think it's shot.

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"Out of nothing, this has come. I have never seen this monument of the triangle.

"So it asks what is happening. How can I change the parts of the face of the moon or add things and add things?

"You ask when we see the Moon in China, they started it."

Mr Wilson's bizarre video told the moon about the NASA challenge and NASA space agency.

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YouTuber One, Annette The Crow, said Mr Wilson's videos were revoked by NASA and demonstrated a flat theory at the same time.

The YouTube user said: "You know, I've been thinking about being seated, so that NASA's really screwed up.

"Earth Earth NASA just demonstrated our Moon through our environment, so it's a $ 1,000,000 question.

"What happened to gravity? Moon is not Earth? Would not it throw?


"Just thinking. I think the answer would be the end of gravity. I called it ****** t.

"I think I say anything about the moon, and I think it's what they like. Open your eyes."

Another YouTuber, John Roberts, questioned what Moon is about what NASA means.

Mr Roberts said: "Personally, I think it's a lot closer."

In general, the Moon is 238,855 miles (384,400 km) from the Earth, that is, the world and is not flat.

NASA can calculate the distance between the planet and its natural satellite, thanks to reflective laser reflectors on the moon, according to astronauts.

NASA explains: "The distance from the Earth to those rectifiers can be normal at a centimeter level or better measured and their relative positions are known to a similar level.

"These measures can be used for a variety of purposes, such as focusing on the Moon's orientation and orbit, recording recordings and general relativity theory, and setting the Moon's length and a very detailed coordinate framework."

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