Saturday , January 16 2021

New sterilization body technology

The researchers from the Brazilian University of Sao Paulo have found a way to use them as a sterile transplant organ, thanks to a new way of making clear the virus or bacteria that can be taken by the lender.

According to specialists, biophoton therapy, as it is known, will undoubtedly reduce the number of organs and reduce the complications following surgery.

"There is no sterilization of organ transplantation at this time, it only takes off the blood, but the microorganisms are still alive. Even if this organ is discarded or prevented from losing it, it is still infected," said Vanderlei Bagnato, a scientist at EFE team coordinators

The procedure, first of all, is to remove the blood of the organ and replace it with an external tube with a liquid that keeps it alive.

This liquid is subjected to ultraviolet rays destroying cell membranes of microorganisms and their DNA.

"Ultraviolet rays are applied to the outside of the organ, to not kill their cells, but they eliminate the viruses and bacteria captured by the liquids," said Bagnate.

As supplements as liquids, they are visible visible and infrared light that are able to select viruses and bacteria.

Later, light frequencies are applied to the body and substances are stimulated to attack the microorganisms to oxidize and to attack viruses like hepatitis and AIDS.

According to the scientist, liquid is used more than once, because it is very expensive.

The original experiments made the pig to go to the lungs, then to non-transplanted humans and eventually to patients.

Scientists believe that improving the use of organs in the future, reducing costs and waiting, and other transplants, like heart and pancreas, have spread.

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