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Nigerian election 2019: Buhari won second, but Atiko did not reject the result

Buhari, who was defeated by Goodluck Jonathan in the first year of 2015, was defeated by nearly four million votes in the election results of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), Abuja, Nigeria.

While the Boards of the Progressive Congresses Meeting (APC) 15,191,847 (56%) and Abubakes received 11.262,978 (41%) votes in the weekend elections, the board said Tuesday the counting of bytes ended.

Abubakar, the Democratic People's Party (PDP), called for electoral results to call the electoral process "militarized" and called "disadvantage" to Nigeria's democracy.

"I lost to a fair and fair election, I named the winner in the wise of my victory, not only for my congratulations, but also for the service that I had attached to Nigeria, because it was a bridge between North and North," said Abubakar.

He added: "I did not say it would be the result of the 2016 elections of 2016 and the prosecution in the court".

Abubakar, vice president of 1999 to 2007, has been president four times. His candidacy was deduced from corruption in allegations since he was in his office, allegedly denied allegations.

Buhari won Aticuk in 36 countries in the United States in 17 states and Abuja capital.

Africa's biggest democracy was never easy, but Nigeria's election was bad logistics deals. The Electoral Commission moved a week's presidential election, one hour earlier.

On the same day, reports of voters' fears were received, voting polls and at least one voting paper held at one place. Nigerian polling stations waited several hours for voters to appear throughout the country.

As a result, most of the votes were apathy, because it was part of the 20-year-old Nigerian voters. The INEC voted for 27 million votes from 84 million registered voters.

Lagos, a vast mega-population of almost 20 million people, voted only 1.1 million people, according to INEC.

Electoral collection was 35.6%, the election commission said, compared to 44 points in the 2015 elections.

Nigeria's first electoral database
At least 39 people were killed in the elections with violence, according to the state hall, more than 70 civilian control over elections. Among the dead is Ibisaki Amachree, a voluntary election that captured both the mother, the Nigerian army and the military militia.

The Situation Room, referring to SBM Intelligence Analysis data, said that most of the deaths occurred in the southern oil wealth.

But despite the violence, the observers of the International Republican Institute and the International Institute (IRI / NDI) said deaths should be tragic, even in a broader context.

"We do not want excessive death," said IRI in John Tomaszewski's CNN Monday.

"We understand the contextual relationship, violence is happening every day here, it's just electoral day."

Electoral violence

The death rate reported in the President's vote is lower than in previous national elections. The International Crisis Group killed at least 100 people during the 2015 elections and subsequently broke out and Human Rights Watche lost 800 dead after 2011 violence.

Buhari was a chief golfer in 1983 when he came to power early 20 months later in another blow.

He served for three consecutive years from 2003 to 2011, and was elected four years earlier as the first opposition candidate to defeat the Nigeria operator.

Buhari allegedly opposed endemic corruption and refused to be a Boko Haram terrorist group.

Although Buhari's opposition to eight corruption, despite its reputation for corruption, Transparency International said Nigeria "did not improve the perception of corruption in the public administration of 2018" in the latest Corruption Perception Index.
The fight against Boko Haram also seems to have strengthened the jihadic group and has made strong factions with ISIS to create an Islamic Province of West Africa in Africa, and the group is undergoing military attacks against thousands of people in Nigeria.
African-American youth, who fight for the youngest inhabitants

Economy flag

Buhari is now recovering an unstable economy that had an impact on the price crisis of oil, up to $ 40 at a height of $ 100.

The country emerged from the recession and a slight increase in GDP, although 91 million Nigeria live in poverty, one of the poorest people in the world, to move to the 2018 top spot in India, according to the Brookings Institution.

Buhari has also had to show the Nigerian people behind their health problems.

From May 2016 until 2017, visit Buhari to the United Kingdom for medical treatments; He was killed in London and asked for false news about him Claiming to deny claims He died and replaced a clone.

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