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Nigerian Elections: Runner-up rejects the Buhari victory as "embarrassed" and votes in the court with the most challenging result

The Nigerian presidential election dismissed the outcome of what he called "sham election" and challenged the outcome of the court.

Opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar allegedly dubbed "improper written and planned" accusations by President Muhammadu Buhari, probably a major African economic successor to World War II.

Election Commission on Wednesday called Buhari on Saturday to win four million votes. The former governor of 76-year-old 56 percent of the election, the commission said.

Mr Abubakar, the Democratic Party party, said the candidate had "given in seconds" if the elections had been free and fair.

The employer and former vice president, who took 41% of the vote, appealed for an election in the elections. The red flag was another that was attacked by extremist extremist attacks in the northeast since it said more than power over stepped states.

"I have never seen our democracy so banned," has been added to a shared statement shared by friends for 72 years. "Clearly it is clear that predicate situations are wrong, what the advertised results deny".

327 people were killed in the elections with violence, since the campaign began in October, on Saturday they voted for 67 people, according to the state-level monitoring team and security.

Violence included interrupting the attackers' attacks by suspending the vote and linking the election between gang members and security forces.

Opposition candidate Attic Abubakar print version by email 2012-05-27.

The vote was about one week delayed by the electoral boards without voting papers and results pages in all parts of the country. International observers probably diminished.

Buhari All Progressive Congress should be re-elected to improve security and economic reconstruction. Then, the supporters did not proclaim and win "humiliated".

"We will continue to engage in all aspects, our government will include both, and the doors will be open," said he was receiving his election certificate.

Opposition fraud reports have intensified the tensions that have had the most populous African nation since they saw seaports of six decades of independence, coups and secessionist independence.

But controversy was also ruled out, as it did in December after the presidential vote in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

John Ashbourne, economist at London's Capital Economics, said a legal challenge to the Nigerian election was "overtaking the official outcome".

Agencies reports

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