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Nigerian President confirmed his postponement and was voted on

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) – Nigeria's president declared a clear winner in the second week of the second largest African democracy in South Africa, when he was voted on, he could offer another option to deal with gross corruption, unrestricted security, and the recession against the economy.

They said that they were trying to prove that many of the Nigerians were frustrated by the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari was the usual military dictators, and instead of enriching the people against the wealth of agricultural oil against politicians.

After the announcement of the official results, and many Nigerians woke up in the morning's prayer, Buhari told them that he had won the "win-win" of the collectives. He also said that he had lost dozens of electoral violence.

"I would like to make a special appeal to my supporters, not to refuse or humiliate the opposition. Victory your efforts is a reward," said Buhari.

For the second time, his new administration will "restructure the security, the economy and fight corruption … We will strive to strengthen our unity and inclusion so that a section or group can not let go or stop it."

On Tuesday night, in the capital, he started dancing in the capital city of Abuja, where he voted for almost 4 million votes on the weekend of voting, thanks to the vote against opposition Atiku Abubakar. Nigeria is working again. "

Buhari received 15.1 million votes, or 55 percent, according to the official boards of the electoral commission. Abubakar received 11.2 million or 41 points. The average national evolution was 35.6%, following a downward trend.

When he attempted to stop the official arrests, the Abubakar party manipulated electoral data and demanded new elections in 36 Nigeria states.

Buhari rejected accusations. He also called Abubakar, on Saturday, the election did not make a public appearance, to accept and accept his losses properly. "Let this nation go forward," Campaign spokeswoman Babatunde Fashola said.

"It's not going to overcome this opposition and play dead people. Everyone who loses an election will always complain," said Hameed Ali's spokesman, reporters.

The election, as close as once called, had a surprise weekend delay and suffered significant delays in the inaugural election. While election observers called the peace process, mostly at least 53 people were killed, an Islamist-state attack by a West African African province and other violence, analyst SBM Intelligence said.

The Abubachar undertakes compromise or not to accept loss or to challenge the results. Former Prime Minister of Nigeria, John Campbell, said in a mass election that candidates could go to court. This route can take months.

Many Nigerians have prayed for peace. In 2015, they were amazed by the announcement by the president of Goodluck Jonathan of the buyers of the official results. The former President was the first failure in the history of the country in opposition.

"Jonathan has set a benchmark on how election results should be managed," says Chris Kwaja, senior consultant at the United States Peace Institute, a United States government sponsorship organization at The Associated Press. "Recognize the failure of the sport's spirit, this is a critical vehicle for democratic consolidation."

The Nigerians praised patience and resilience in this violent vote.


Anna Kano, Nigeria has reported. The journalist Sam Olukoya, Lagos, Nigeria, has contributed to this report.


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