Monday , August 15 2022

Oil prices bounce off on Tuesday to make it the worst in three days


U.S. oil prices were gained on Monday, last week, in the last three weeks, the future contract was destroyed within a few days; For the OPEC meeting they were before the meeting.

The price seeks to recover a few losses in the last week, but "the downward pressure on oil is still not a surplus supply and the slowdown in demand growth, which is expected no more oil supplies in the coming year." ICICI Bank wrote on a Monday note.

January, West Texas, Raw Intermediaries

CLF9, + 2.44%

It rose to $ 1.70, or 3.4%, to $ 52.12 New York Commercial Exchange on the barrel. On a short-term holiday session, the contract fell to 7.7% to $ 50.42, marking the worst case of July 6, 2015 and according to Dow Jones Market Data. Likewise, he marked the seventh time weekly as a whole: a 10.6% fall.

January reference Brent year

LCOF9, + 2.98%

He also rebounded on Monday, $ 2.10 or 3.6 percent, $ 60.90 in ICE Futures Europe's barrel, after closing 6.1% and Friday's $ 58.80. Brent lost almost 12% during the week.

High-risk oil and property assets were detected, even though they died last week, US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who met at the age of 20, would meet in Argentina this week. -expected trade progress

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"Alboan [the] At the Xi-Trump G-20 meeting, today's famine Saudi and Russian oil ministers say that it has organized a trip to Buenos Aires, they are sending out some hope that there will be some reorganization of the agreement, "said Stephen Innes, head of the Oman Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean , in a note to customers.

The oil market will be the meeting of the members of the Petroleum Exporters' Country Organization, which is concerned about the worries of a glut of October oil on December 6. The solution to the poster, the supply could be reduced, but the prices jumped altogether, keeping the exit targets set in 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported by referring to sources.

Among other contracts, December natural gas

NGZ18, % -3.30

On Monday, it dropped by 14.6 cents or 3.4% after a quarter of 4.62 billion British thermal units, with a 0.8% rise, 3% less than last week's Friday.

December gasoline

RBZ8, + 4.53%

It increased 4% in the amount of $ 1,447 gallons, a recession of 11.8% last week, after falling the highest percentage in February 2016. The contract fell almost 8% on Friday, from 2 February 2009 to 2009, the sharpest percentage.

December heating oil

HOZ8, + 1.30%

It increased 1.7% after falling 1.908 dollars last week by 9.5%. The contract decreased from 4.8% to 1,8762 $ in gallon on Friday, the lowest settlement of a previous month in March.

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