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OnePlus 7 does not have wireless charging or screen 21: 9

OnePlus only has a small presence in MWC 2019. There is a 5G prototype but it does not produce full ads, but this does not mean new and new rumors about OnePlus 7.

First, if you expect the OnePlus 7 to support wireless charging, you will have bad luck.

OnePlus is planned to date, and it seems that in a conversation, the CEO of Pete Lau said CNET said: "OnePlus is the best charging" and "wireless charging is far from it."

He did not decline to abandon The Feature OnePlus 7 on the ground, but they certainly suggest such comments.

One OnePlus phone may have wireless uploads one day, even if the company is familiar with it. But OnePlus does not want to help her help faster and less.

On the other hand, in less official news, it seems that the company's 5G prototype seems to be apparently a 21: 9 screen, the latest device, perhaps one of which is OnePlus 7, apparently.

That's the way it's done Roland QuandtHowever, there is a fair chance that there is a strong leakage fan, so it's just a rumor.

Depending on how you feel about your Sony Xperia 1 21: 9 or your bad news, we should be sure about the aspect ratio on the screen, as OnePlus 7 is likely to be on the ground in mid-2019.

If the 5P prototype happens to be a different device in OnePlus, we hope you'll soon be able to land.

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