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OneWeb launches the first space-based Internet satellite into the Orbit

Space-based Internet launcher OneWeb, billionaire Richard Branson and Masayoshi Son, successfully deployed its first six satellites on Wednesday at more than 650 constellations.

OneWeb has said it was already communicating with six craftsmen, who entered the orbit into French Guiana, in Arianespace, a private company. "Marketing" starts from the beginning of a new phase of our company, we begin to scale the constellation of satellites to prepare full commercial services, "said CEO Adrian Steckel, who will offer customer dimensions next year and Internet access in 2021.

Son's Softbank Group, Branson's Virgin Group and other investments have now provided OneWeb with a $ 2 million backing bonus, major racing and minor racing races, which now offer much faster satellite internet connections. In this race, all Elx Musk's SpaceX and Satellite Internet providers include Viasat (vsat) and EchoStar (sats) Hughes Network Systems with dozens of upstarts like Swarm Technologies, Astrocast and Sky and Space Global. SpaceX and Swarm satellite launch phase have also been achieved by Viasat and Hughes to upgrade existing ones.

Traditional Satelite Communications, as regards the size of a school bus and not sitting on geosynchronous orbit around 22,300 kilometers of Earth, OneWeb's refrigerated-size craft are only about 750 miles around the planet. This means that each satellite costs a lot to build and start up, but the planet's surface is much smaller, with Internet connectivity, which is why hundreds of satellites are required.

OneWeb announces that its first customers have signed up to its customers with its Internet service Talia, Africa and the Middle East satellite communications network and the European communication carrier Intermatica.

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