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Sara Ali Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput-in Love Story Dreamy


New Delhi:

Team Kedarnath A playlist song has been added. New song, title Jaan & # 39; NisaarThe main protagonist of Sara Ali Khan and shared by Sushant Singh Rajput on social media. Sara and Sushant summarize the essence of the song: "Thodi deewangi, thodi if you wait. Aayi is in the owner mein thodi if you narrate, there ish ishq. " Jaan & # 39; Nisaar Mansoor begins a reminder (a pith-up Muslim who plays Sushant) Mukku "pandito ki always hai! Yahaan tumhara kuchh prefers it"The song reveals that Mansoor sees his love story as a happy ending, leaving Mukku aside.

Meanwhile, Manukor's sudden changes show Mukku and tries to repeat the ribs. In a perspective, the song also reveals that Mansoor has a confrontation with Mukku's father, who does not want to leave Mansoor at no cost. Mukku is also awaiting rain outside of Mansoor until his father leaves his mark. The song ends with a flashback of the wave of waves, Mansoor can be seen to save Mukku and his father's life.

The composition of Amit Trivedi sang Amitabh Bhattacharya's romantic number singing Arijit Singh.

Watch Jaan & # 39; Nisaar from one Kedarnath here:

Directed by Abhishe Kapoor, Kedarnath Sara Ali Khan marks the debut of Bollywood. The much-anticipated movie Kedarnath is a strong love story about the flood of devastating floods in 2013. Kedarnath screening on 7th, 7th of December, three weeks after, Sara Bollywood films will go on Simmba in theaters

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