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Scientists believe they will have cancer cure within a year

This is the starting point.

A small group of scientists believe they have found cancer cure, which they can offer to patients this year.

Pretty incredible

According to an article Jerusalem Post, the treatment was developed by a group of scientists from Israel.

It will be apparently an antibiotic against cancer.

Dan Arido, said the company is developing a treatment that works:

"We will offer a complete cure for cancer every year."

"The cure for our cancer will be effective every day, it will last a few weeks and will not have minimal side effects at less cost than most other market treatments."

cancer cure

Company CEP Dr Ilan Morad explained:

"We are convinced that the treatment will not cause mutations, as the cancer cells change the way the cancer is directed to smoking."

"The probability of multiple mutations that change the target audience, at the same time, is significantly reduced for the purposes used".

"Instead, when attacking the target at the same time, we attack the target at three simultaneously, although the cancer can also change three recipients at the same time."

"If cancer is not completely eradicated, the rest of the cells may start mutations, and then the cancer is returned again, but this time it is resistant to the drug."

An incredible step towards the elimination of this incredible disease.

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