Wednesday , March 3 2021

See the first movement of the "Springsteen on Broadway" concerts in Netflix

The film will take on the legendary Broadway show of legendary musicians

Future trailer of Netflix Springsteen Broadway the concert has been released.

The New York-based The Walter Kerr Theater was featured on Bruce Springsteen's current stream and will be playing on the 16th of December after the show's Broadway show.

In the trailer, Springsteen shares plays and stories with people, including how he met the band Patti Scialfa and his wife, on the outside of The Stone Pony, New Jersey, and his relationship with his father. Later, he joked: "Everyone has love and hate relationship with their home country. Take me, Mr. & # 39; Born To Run … I live today in my home town in 10 minutes." See now the trailer below .

Springsteen Broadway It was premiered in October 2017 in the theater. He combines the autobiography stories of the 2016 music He was born running and the performances that he has performed among the 15 best songs throughout his career.

Fans can enjoy the show in different ways from home. On December 14, live album will be released, including Broadway production tales and songs.

Even though the show is the same as the setlist and the setlist, Springsteen has created many things during the race. At the beginning of June he criticized Donald Trump and his "inhumane" immigration policy, selling thousands of large families. A month later, fans were amazed at the unexpected lifestyle for the first time.

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