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Slipknot's original singer is not interested

SLIPNNOT's Original Singer Not for the occasion

slipknotThe original singer has said he is not interested in joining the group.

Solution Anders Colsefni come back slipknot current leaders came forward for the first time Corey Taylor after proposing a fan Twitter that's it slipknot come back Anders recently represented as a percussionist Chris Fehn. Corey He replied: "I would love to be happy."

At the beginning of today (March 23, Saturday), Colsefni He reduced the possibility of renewed cooperation with his first team members, in his writing Facebook page: "I remove this uncomfortable conversations slipknot I could tell myself and the band when I was told: I WILL NOT come again slipknot.

"Certainly, I do not have any animosity. I do not know just about boys. Overall, I do not know the benefits of this doubt.

"Over the last 27 years (through each group) I've been working to build concrete construction work to help my family, but still have my time to" work ".

"After many years, the team has failed, I have settled in an occupation that can only retire after a few marriages and many others. I need Bennies – my body will be shit!

"I've dreamed about joining my creativity (close – I know it's a different group!), It's not enough to end up dreaming about having a homeless!

"That said, PAINFACE It still works behind. Search this year! "

Colsefni, one of the founding members slipknot with the percussionist Shawn "The Clown" CrahanThe main vocal released by the band's singer-songwriter. "Repeat Mate's Fountain". After leaving the band the same year, few Anders he continued PAINFACElater evolved A DAR.

Photographic courtesy Anders Colsefni& Nbsp; Facebook page

Dear Earthlings!

I take away the uncomfortable conversations that Slipknot can have …

Published by Anders Colsefni on March 23, 2019, Saturday

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