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Some cool data about these disturbing universes are destroying the TechCrunch bay area


San Francisco Bay Area is launching startups that continue to dominate the industrial sector. Citizens, this has long been the blessing and curse.

In the bright side, the technology's early machine produces well-paid technology jobs and dollars in local economies. On the contrary, it increases the housing shortage and the high cost of living.

These topics were much higher than before the highest spirits: after all, the Intel giant technology Google on Facebook They have risen to the north of California for four decades. Lately, however, the question of how many technological giants in the region doubtful of their support for Pinterest, such as Uber and other valuable local businesses start the IPO path.

The concerns of the technology budgets were in Crunchbase To take a look at the news: Technology-based and based technology companies in Bayonne continue to grow where they are here? And what do employees work elsewhere?

The local Unicorn boom that causes agonizing inflationary causes a bit of soothing data. While the companies created in the Bay Area have very little room to move around, their employees become geographically scattered as they grow.


A company in the north of California does not mean that most of the workers are. The headquarters, according to our survey, do not always account for it.

"The location of the residence may often be a bad reference to identify where employees are," said Steve Cadigan, a founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures, based on Talent Talent based on Silicon Valley. This is especially true for high technology companies.

Among the largest employers of Northern California technology, Crunchbase News has been working for over 25 minutes in a city where they are headquartered. Below are the details of one of the most valuable technology companies in the region.

Intel exceptionally, all of these companies have a double percentage of employees in the headquarters, so it does not go as far as the city. However, if you are a new rental company of the most valuable Silicon Valley companies, there seems to be more opportunities when you are away from home.

Tesla, On the other hand, it is a special case. The company is in Palo Alto, but it does not meet the list of 10 employers. Nearby Fremonten, The Kalifornians, however, is Tesla's largest employer and informs about 10,000 in its auto installation (Tesla has around 49,000 employees in general).

Unicorns go to San Francisco, fewer workers

High-value companies that have private and recently public companies may be very scattered.

Although they are home to more percentages of online employees, they are larger than the established technology giants.

Move Uber, the trend of this poster. Although located in San Francisco, the giant of the walker is less than a quarter of them. Of the 22,300 employees of international staff, there are only 5,000 SFs.

It is not clear that this type of separation is common. We had problems with other geographic workers that were similar to the Bay Area unicorns, especially the cities that only extracted their top 10 employers. The region's ice lion quota is based on San Francisco, of which only Uber has found 10.

In other words, it is another methodology for the evaluation of people working in the headquarters: jobs. Bay Area-based number of valuable unicorns – including Airbnb, Juul, Lime, Instacart, Stripe and now-public Lyft – a large number of open positions far away from the home office. And last year we wrote that private companies are looking for cities to set up secondary schools.

In the early stages of the startup, it is not uncommon to establish the head office in the San Francisco area to finance and access the network, while hiring another place, Cadigan said. The evolution of collaborative tools has allowed more companies to work remotely or secondarily in secondary schools.

Most of all, of course, unicorn startups tend to be nationally or globally, which implies hiring customers.

Please take our work

As we have finished, it is worthwhile how often people in a subway area deal with a lot of highly skilled jobs. Over the last two years, these positions have become more commonplace. See the mystical reactions of the HQ2 Amazon's neighbors' neighbors. And in San Francisco, the growth of many newly-created IPO millions is spreading violence among its residents, along with the joy of the crowd of attackers.

As new universities keep older students older than older people, it seems reasonable to retain North California strength as a start-up center, placing jobs out of the ranks as a business scale. The good news for other cities, such as Austin, Phoenix, Nashville, Portland and others, to name fast-growing as a secondary town.

That said, we do not predict the short-term contraction of technological jobs in the Bay Area, especially in startup varieties. It continues to capitalize on the new capitalized resources that regional entrepreneurs and massive ecosystemic risks continue to recruit.


We only looked at employment at the company headquarters (except Apple) . List companies may have additional employees in other cities in Northern California. Apple calculated all employees of Silicon Valley in the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Numbers will be rounded up to the nearest closest employers. Most data are only for full-time employees. High-technology employers hire full-time workers for positions, so partial work, whether or not involved, is reflected in a very small percentage of employment.

Cities list the top 10 employers in annual reports. We have used two-year reports, as well as Wikipedia data, with a natural 2017 or 2018 calendar year.

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