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Stacey Dooley Returns to "A Comprehensive Rescue" Over a Comic Relief Trip to Africa

Stacey Dooley has returned to Africa after being accused of promoting a "white hallmark" over her Comic Relief trip.

The Strongly Come Dancing Starre participated in a campaign for children's charity this week, as they lived in Uganda.

However, following the Dooley's journey, he received criticism from David Lammy's Labor MP, which continued "hard and sterile stereotypes".

"The world does not need any other white reward," he wrote on Twitter.

"As I have said, it perpetuates tired and ineffective stereotypes. From now on, promoting voice and serious debate throughout the African continent."

Dooley retreated his comments, responding: "David, the problem was for me? (The real question).

"If that is the case, can you always go and make a sensation to try?

"Comic relief has created more than a million pounds since they began to see projects that save lives with money. Children live."

In response, Lammy did not comment on his "personal" investigators as not to question the reporter and "good reasons".

Instead, he commented on the issue that British celebrities called Comic Relief to "make an African image distort the image of an old idea from the colonial era".

Lammy was not the only one criticized by Dooley. This week, the reporter published a photo of Instagram along with his "OB.SSSSSSSSSS" with his African.

Many users were raped when children use them as "accessories" and "whitening" tendencies.

"Will you get brave white children in Europe and stay on your own? I feel like it does not happen," said one person.

Another one agrees, adding: "I love Stacey but are obsessed? They are not fashion accessories. Maybe look at @ nowhitesaviors I do not know, but education is essential."

Dooley responded by answering Instagram in writing: "I have had a lot of pictures with children in Europe. Last year I had children with Hungarian children and nobody had any problems with these pictures.

"In my opinion, there are children of Iraqi people living in the refugee camp here. Again, nobody said that.

"We have a verbal and written permission from our tutors to use their images and spend some time with them, asking. Uganda families also asked us to take pictures."

The reporter said the suggestion that the boy was approaching was not related to the existing relationship and was asked to be "ridiculous".

"I've been working on almost 12 years in Africa, I'm going to ask the locals and NGOs how to play it. None of them are here confused with this picture," he added.

"The little boy was very happy. His father often joked grungy."

This is not the relief of the comedians for the first time they were accused of perpetuating the white stereotype of the salvador.

In March 2018, charities announced that they would have fewer celebrities in their appeals after being called "economic aid" after "poverty tourism".

Independent He has contacted Comic Relief for comments.

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