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Stacey Salomon continues to grow babies' babies in the beautiful summer dress

Stacey Solomon has incredible fans to see clearly shared video sharing with her baby.

A 29-year-old X Factor, A Celeb, Loose Women, and recently announced the new star Celebrity Juice in three of her pregnant baby.

Kume will first have her first boyfriend, along with star EastEnders, a star Joe Swash, 37. And she was already a 10-year-old boy named Zachary's childhood lover, Dean Cox, and was named six-year-old Leighton with his previous relationship, Aaron Barham with her husband.

Stories stories on Wednesday, Stacey showed a summer dress.

Stacey was brilliant as she showed her spring style

"I'm really happy about the current outfit, because they feel spring and summer to match the weather," he said, wearing a mobile number of orange.

Reflecting on the weather, he added: "This, of course, will not last forever. Let's all enjoy."

He then explained: "The dress is Zara and the shoes are in the office."

Stacey was retired because of the weather's happiness

After a spin, the dress attracted coupons and a star seemed to be in a current state.

Stacey's lover announced a pregnancy on February 22 and was excited.

Joe announced happy news, photo sharing with girlfriend Stacey 29, sleeping at home surrounded by their pets.

Stacey expects her first baby with Joe Swash

The pictures are intimate: "The nonsense of my mind has begun to get bored and I thought it could not be awful in more than 10 minutes of my company.

"So you can imagine my kindness, he still loves me, and a lot of my company is growing up for a baby.

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