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Stigma means that Russia risks the HIV epidemic in danger World news

Stigma on Homosexuality and Drug Use: Preventing the risks of HIV epidemic controlling other countries in Russia and the Soviet Union, experts say, the data showed the number of new cases last year.

The most common Soviet Union cases in 2017 were the most heterosexual sex, the diseases that spread among high-risk groups, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

The new rate of new diagnostics for 2012 has increased against the global decline; and Masoud Dara, WHO's WHO Specialist, is said to be "an overspill expression of the general population".

"HIV begins [in] Key populations: drug users, sex workers and men have sex with men [increases] exponentially … if there is no more intervention, "said Dara.

According to Russian official data, there were more than 104,000 new diagnostic reports in 2017 and more than 1.2 million. Experts say they are probably incessant.

"We do not have enough medication, we do not treat all patients," said Nikolay Lunchenkov, a doctor at the Moscow Regional Assistance Center. "We are increasing the number of people receiving antiretroviral therapy, but it is still not enough."

The number of purchases of HIV viruses in the Russian government increased 37% to about 360,000 last year according to the GG Treatment Training Coalition.

Methadon, research has shown that it helps prevent injecting HIV drugs, Russia is prohibited.

"We do not have enough information about sex with other men, because it is a stigma," said Lunchenkov, clearly gay.

Russian men infected with HIV have doubled their male sex with more than 695 men between 2008 and 2015, according to official data.

LGBTI's anti-discrimination means that fear of HIV / AIDS is feared by scrutiny and treatment, experts say.

Russia was the second largest national minority LGBT in the Euro Zone in 2016, ILGA-Europe, a network of LGBT groups in Europe.

In 2012, Russian non-governmental organizations for registering as "foreign agents" lowered the demands of some NGOs in international organizations with HIV-positive groups, said Oli Stevens, UK's HIV researcher.

"The message was very clear, MSM (male sex with men) are not ours, others are not part of the society we are trying to build," said Stevens.

In the rest of the Soviet Union, new cases of drug users infected have experienced 45% and 6.218 years of age, and new cases of heterosexual transmission increased by 59% and nearly 18,000.

Activists The widespread discrimination against LGBTI people is guilty of raising eight percent of sexually transmitted men to men, in more than 1,000 cases a year.

"Protected Homophobia and the Transphobia Statue [have become] An important problem, "said Yuri Yoursky, Eurasian Male Health of Coalition, who supports HIV / AIDS in the region.

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