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Strictly Stacey Dooley SLAMMED MP works for his Comic Relief

Strictly Come Dancing Champion and TV documentaryist Stacey Dooley has been a Labor MP, David Lammy, who has criticized his Ugandan travel slammed for Comic Relief.

A 31-year-old researcher traveled to Africa to shoot a charity documentary, but Tottenham MPs were accused by Stacey of "strenuous and unwanted stereotypes."

Stacey shared social media imagery in Uganda, presenting a young child, while showing off another while being shooting Red Nose Day.

Mr Lammy, who has been the MP in the capital city of London in London in 2010, Twitter said that Stacey was strengthening about unhappy African stereotypes.

Some followers accused Stacey of "white savage complex"

He said: "The world does not need any white saints. As I have already said, it perpetuates hard and sterile stereotypes.

"Encourage voices throughout the African continent and be serious."

Mr Lammy said his problem was not stacey personal and did not question his "good reasons".

Stacey is well-known for its documentary work to move to locations around the world

Instead, he said "British celebrities" were taken to Africa with the help of comics, to make films that send "distortion of the continent" on the continent, and to maintain the "old idea of ​​the colonial era".

Stacey has backed MP and Lammy has been invited to travel to Africa.

He said: "David, did the problem matter to you? (Ordinary question) … If that was the case, did you always go and feel the conscience?

"Comic relief began since more than one million pounds have been created. I've seen projects that save lives with money. Children live."

Stacey Uganda was filming for Comic Relief 2019

Mr. Lammy, the Guyanese descent, said that "many blacks" were "very uncomfortable" in Comic Relief's "poverty porn".

He said: "Comic Relief has a platform and a great privilege, and first and foremost the way children learn in Africa.

"Only Africans show victims without a victim; their children will be regarded as a stunning African advance.

Stacey Tottenham's MP has stepped on

"Comic Relief must be respected by establishing an image of an African person, but helping those who do not support the victims.

"That's why they would be better off talking about the continent they know about people who live.

"Many black Britain feel completely uncomfortable with pornographic poverty at Comic Relief. My opinions are very uncomfortable with my work.

"They want kids to have rounded views on Africa, and they do not know this type of campaign."

Stacey Dooley with her amazing Kevin Clifton dance

This is not the first time he accused of perpetuating the White House of Comic Relief.
Last March, charities told the celebrities that they turned their backs on local appeals that were made about "poverty tourism".

Ed Sheera was previously criticized during a visit to the Library to reinforce the white guardianship stereotypes.

Comic Relief and Nose Red Day take place on March 15th.

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