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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & # 39; The player can not get how Cute Kirby Piranha Plants is over

The Piranha plant has officially arrived Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and fan rate was immediate. The community was definitely a live patch yesterday, but with the inclusion of this fighter there is a party that people can not get enough and reach our beloved Kirby.

Kirby swallows his opponents to take on his skills, making the hybrid mix of two fighters. He took on the fight against the Piraña plant and captured the toothy enemy, just as we expected the result. Just look at the bottom right-hand pane with his face! That regret is wonderful.

But wait, it's better:

The Reddit committee fell in love with Piranha and Kirby, and could be right. So we've seen the action now. Kirby, despite its bad appearance, is definitely a matter, but with the face it means that "hi" is not saying death.

What's new in v2.0.0 version?

  • Offline

    • Now you can play Spirit Board with four players.
      • Select Spirit Board the spirit you want, and then go to Party → Fighter to select the number of people you play. When you play a lot of people, you will lose battle if a player has KO.
    • They will appear in the following stores.
      • Partner Pikachu
      • Partner Eevee
      • Says Block
      • River Survival
      • Golden Dash Mushroom
  • Online

    • We have adjusted the calculation of Smash Power Global.
  • General

    • DLC fighter Piranha Plant added.
      • Piranha Plant will be available as a DLC the next day.
    • Pressing the jump button at the same time will get you a short jump.
    • KO score for your teammates' & # 39; KOs & # 39; They were team members when Team Attack was activated.
    • Game Balance Settings.
    • Various gameplay repairs.
    • The specific fighter modifications are specified here.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Available only from Nintendo. Think about the new Piranha plant? Sound your thoughts in the comment section below or place Twitter on @DirtyEffinHippy.

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