Friday , February 26 2021

The 2019 Destiny 2 roadmap has revealed

Bungie added mini-deployment, Black Armory for Destiny 2, but immediately explained the game plans from 20-20 December 2018, depending on the cost spent each year, because they are cheaper than extensions.

Many people scratched themselves unbelievably when Bungie announced that Forsaken would include the previous two expansions and then discount $ 30. Nobody really thought that Activision could afford to get some money in your pocket, but this time I liked it a lot. One month later, here is our New Year Passport, which costs another $ 35.

However, it's still a bit cheaper than purchasing extensions, and spending more than $ 100 during a whole year's content and three mini-expansions. The first is Black Armory, those who live directly on the new role of players that live in a unique position to handle special weapons and handmade craftsmanship.

Bungie devs has named three weapons, from Black Armory's three different families. The Izunagi Sniper rifle will be the only mechanics, will allow a new player to be reloaded and throw all four rounds of the magazine, apparently to shoot the enemy.

As you invented to name it, Izunagi is inspired by Japanese cultural inspiration. While the French culture goes to France. It was not so much explained, but, apparently, I'd like it a lot Thorn From Original Destiny.

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Jotun fusil rifle Norse will be a source of inspiration for mythology and will lighten the ground and keep enemies. An interesting detail is that the mention of The Last Word is not mentioned directly, but the developers announced "four new weapons and an old favorite". That way he would go for a lovely canoe.

Two other episodes of the Year Pass will look like Joker Wild and look like it. Each of the three mini-extensions will be part of a season, each of which will also be attended by the Annual Pass Port. You can see the whole schedule official website, although the third season remains a secret in most cases.

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