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The best African holidays in 2019 for all budgets

WYour budget, state or level of ability, there is no hope, and animal magic is not much better than Africa …

1. Discover the great game of Zambia on foot

Luangwa Valley where the concept of walking safaris was reinvented, and Tafika, an idyllic area on the banks of the Luangwa River, has perfected John Coppinger, one of Zambia's best guides. With a driver, armed slave and a tea carrier, you follow elephant paths and game paths in the South Luangwa National Park, for exclusive nightlife areas (for up to six people).

Seven nights, three in Tafikan and four-year-old Trails Camps, £ 4,525 per person, Aardvark Safaris (01980 849160;

2. Zakouma national park of Chad

Welcome the unknown secret of the recent savage African, hanging over the wilderness with a great game and a large bird of flock. French Chad is Africa's fifth largest country, five times in the UK. Zakouma, N & # 39; Djamena, the capital only, lasts for three hours. But you will be yourself, like in the north-eastern corner of Ennedi, rock desert and desert villages.

Nine-day cost £ 4,800 per person Steppes Travel (01285 601050;

Buffalo Zakouma National Park


3. Magical elephant in northern Kenya

In Africa you can not go to wild elephants anywhere else or learn more about this Samburu National Reserve in the Sambur National Reserve. It is not surprising to find out his creator at Oria Douglas-Hamilton, whose husband is one of the leading authorities in the world for the elephant behavior of Iain. Saba, Iain's eldest daughter.

A seven-night safari, four nights at Elephant Watch Camp and three-night Samburu Intrepid costs, £ 5,000 per person with Audley Travel (01993 838510;

4. Exclusive Okavango

Barclay Stenner mobile phone camera adapter recalls Hemingway's golden age in Africa XXI. Centenary beings with generous convenience comfort. Living under the cloth, elephants, lions, lions and wild dogs on the jowl cheeks, there's no better way to explore the breathtaking Delta of the Okavango Botswana.

Okavango Delta – There's no place anywhere in the world

kelly cheng

Six nights per person for £ 7,000 per person, including: Cazenove + Loyd (020 7384 2332;

5. Take a great migration

This trip to the workshops is perfect for the first time for safari goers, great games and all the great action of Migration together with a little R & D of Zanzibar. Ngorongoro two nights and four nights in the north of Serengeti, Lemala Mara, a large and small mobile device that runs through wild rivers.

Eleven nights for £ 4,503 per person in UK bouncing flights through Yellow Zebra Safaris (020 8547 2305;

6. Meet the King Kenya

Kenya where safaris were born and the lions still regulate the savannah. Flying from Nairobi and Elsa's Kopje to the five star star of Meru, George and Joy Adamson, the legendary Elsa, Born Free lioness. Then, to go to Laikipia, see the Big Big five for the Maasai Mara final season during the migration season (July-October).

The most amazing beast of the world?


A 10-night safari costs £ 6,600, including three nights in Elsa Kopje, two nights and three nights at the Lewa Wilderness camp at Elephant Pepper Camp in Mara, plus flights. Safari Consultants (01787 888590;

7. Kenya critical

Large Maasai Mara, from Great Britain's Rift Valley Valley Flamingo, runs four-wheeled safari with Kenya Airways.

Seven days from £ 2,279 per person with Hayes & Jarvis (01293 762456;

8. Rent a house in the forest of Zambia

There is no old house! Chongwe River House, an architectural fantasy that looks at the Thatch and Zambezi National Park below. Hosts and hostesses, guides, cooks, and housekeepers, allowing you to complete your freedom to plan your days. Children are 12 or more years old to ride canoe trips or safaris, but workers want to organize alternative youth activities.

Chongwe River House

burlad lucas

Six nights, from four cost per cost, £ 17,600 (£ 4,400 per person), excluding international flights, with Expert Africa (020 3405 6666;

9. Bush and beach in Tanzania

See the eyes of children in the dark with elephants, cats and cebras spectacular in Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Then dust the Indian Ocean in the coral sand and turtle conservation project in Zanzibar.

£ 3,099 per adult, including £ 2,199 child with a nightly sleep of 10 nights, six lunches and transfers, but no flights. Families worldwide (01962 302062;

10. Kalahariako Meerkatsak

Tswalu is the largest privately owned wildlife in South Africa. Oppenheimer is the owner of the family. It is a double size in Norfolk, two luxury bedrooms and a wealth of rare species. Browse through your private vehicle with your personal and follow-up guide, desert rhinos, black collars, meerkats and antelope.

Hello my friend


From seven nights to 9,352 £, aside from flights, with Journeys by Design (01273 623790;

11. Gorillas in your midst

Catch your David Attenborough encounters with gorillas of the Rwanda mountain. The Visate Sumptuary is a luxurious amphitheater, which has surprising views of Virunga Massif, since the world's gorilla is half-full. From here you can configure one of the 10 groups of the Volcanoes National Park.

Three nights in combination with Bisate Ol Setti three nights, £ 15,950 with Scott Dunn (020 8682 5070;

12. See Big Five

Immersing the splendor of Royal Malewane's colonial life is the most luxurious place to live. The Thornybush Private Game Reserve, next to Kruger National Park, offers the setting up of the highest African team leader.

Royal Malewane takes a degree

Eight day travel costs: £ 8,100 per person per night in Royal Malewane and three nights in Silo, swanky hotel in Cape Town, through Bailey Robinson (01488 689700;

13. Fly the best safari ever

Get out of the Kilimanjaro airport in your private vehicle for a lifetime. First stop, wild serengeti season season, full swing. We spent three nights here and continue on the Brazzaville in Congo three-night trek, looking for a gorilla bird in the West. Next, Namibia three nights in the desert and three nights in the Okavango Delta before flying to Nairobi. Try not to give up on the precipitation …

Costs of thirteen nights on land from 45,220 pesetas, based on six people traveling. At the price, the private flight charter includes a guided pilot, guides and private vehicles and exclusive camps. Explorations Company (01367 850566;

14. Magical Madagascar

Far from the African continent 65 million years ago, Madagascar is another place in the world, the only wildlife in the Indian Ocean. This guided 15-day guided team will explore rainforests, nature reserves and national parks that include the well-known Lemons and Kamaleon islands on the island.

From £ 2,899 (add £ 365 to one room) Explore internal flights (01252 883055;

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