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The Greek scientist carries out breast cancer research – Greek City Times

Dr. Antonis Antoniou, a Greek scientist, has directed a research team that has developed a potentially "changing" test for preventing breast cancer risk.

The new research includes information on family history and hundreds of genetic markers, with other factors, such as weight, to provide the best possible evaluation, says Cancer Research UK.

Medical practitioners and specialists are preparing preventive tools by urgently pushing foreseeable cancer.

High-risk women can provide preventive treatments or provide checks, the researchers said.

Professor Antonis Antoniou, Cambridge University's chief researcher, said: "This is, first of all, anyone has combined such elements into a breast cancer prevention tool, which could be a game of breast cancer change, which can now identify large numbers of women at different levels of risk We are only those who are not high risk women ".

Dr Antoniou also said that the doctors adjusted to the level of risk of their patients.

"For example, some women need additional appointments with their physician to discuss screening or preventive options, and others need only lifestyle and diet tips.

"This means that more people can be diagnosed early and the disease will survive, but more research and trials are needed to understand how to use it beforehand."

Information on the study, which also evaluates the risk of cancer of the ovaries, can be found in the journal Genetic medicine.

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