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The only Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport track is the Turbo race

Dammit, Porsche. On the same day, you will present the new Porsche 911 – Carrera S and Carrera 4S in simple flavors, saying the 911 range is really sensible. 911 releases another and 991 is old 911. And it's not fair. . Porsche, what are you doing?

In essence, Porsche (the official term Industry here) has a "Zonda". In the Oxford English Dictionary, this is the construction of the never-ending versions of your old sports and one before moving forward. "So the 991's new 911 production and the 935-flatnose and 991 Speedster- In order to ensure that they receive their hands, Porsche has also found time to become a 911 GT2 RS Nürburgring conqueror, a race ready monster. Meet the Clubsport 200 only.

The soloist car of the 691 hp, the 3.8-liter two-turbo flat-six and the seven-speed PDK reagent boxes. It is also a rear wheel drive, but the wheel wheels are now 310 mm wide. And at the same time one of the Porsche belt wings now leads the way.

The downward figure has not been released, but it's still staggering, lighter than the 155-kg GT2 RS Clubsport road. Of course, a remote part of the cutoff has been taken out, but the safety technology networks remain stable for stability control and brake brakes (steel, non-ceramic), to alternate the adjustable interference in the carbon steering wheel.

Adding weight to the spinal cord is just like cage cages and air conditioning. In addition to making a tradition of Porsche, GT2 RS's non-convertible and non-convertible is much more expensive than by car. The standard version will be £ 307,506, £ 21 before the Weissach package.

Clubsport asks for € 405,000 (£ 357,000) and will not be held until May 2019. You should be reddies. And the need to destroy the followers of your classmates. Meanwhile, Porsche says "our customers will not race in GT2 RS Clubsport's track days, but also in international races."

"We are still very productive talks with the organizing race for SRO," said Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, Porsche and GT cars in reverse.

991-gen 911 adaptation swansong fitting, then. This is really the last. Contemporary era. Probably.

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