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The support for oil and gas drilling, which is not compatible with the climate change of the United Kingdom, has warned MPs

The government needs Arctic oil and gas drilling to be in need of assistance despite its serious international commitments to protect its plans, the MPs have warned.

The human activity is already pushing the polar region, allowing the sea-watering of marine debris that allows contamination of marine habitats and nations look at their precious natural resources.

The warming of the warming of the Arctic is twice twice the same planet and continues to be an unusual weather in the United Kingdom, such as "East to East."

Despite these problems, the government has explained the importance of the "Arctic exploration tracking" of fossil fuels over the coming decades.

The United Nations has called for an ambitious approach to the United Nations Environment Audit Committee that is compatible with the United Nations Security Commitment (UN) agreement.

Although technically not an Arctic state, proximity to the United Kingdom was an observer of the Arctic Council.

In his report, the parliamentary government used its influence on the Councils, the US and Russia, to protect the Arctic fauna and human population.

"The principles of sustainable development must be applied anywhere in the world, it is the Arctic," said Commission Commander-in-Chief, Mary Creagh.

"The Government recognizes its incompatibility with its support for oil and gas with its climate change commitments by setting goals to achieve Sustainable Development Goals".

Current trends suggest that the Arctic Ocean will be ice-cold in the summer of the 2050s. This opens opportunities for extraction of resources and commercial opportunities for cruise ships.

Oil discharges and damage to the sea ice are among the threats against human presence, and the burning of land and oil deposits in the Arctic will be added to Earth's warming.

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However, changing conditions attract great interest outside the region. The government of the state's parliaments has accused Arctic of longstanding tradition of research tradition to dissolve malicious operations.

"The Arctic interests continue to be a key player behind China and Singapore, United States," says Mr. Creagh.

"We are requesting more financing for the research and strengthening of European emissions targets".

Research consulted by Dr. Alexandra Middleton at the University of Oulu, underlined the need for "a mere Arctic natural resource and mineral resources".

Rod Downie, the senior polar advisor at WWF, said: "It's not remembering what happens in the Arctic.

"The UK government and companies need an Arctic goal for sustainable development and home-based housing, that is, the year 2045 due to our" Keep It Cool "report.

"The time has come for the snow to draw online to the British oil and gas company Arctic definitely."

The Government spokesman said: "It is a nonsensical suggestion that is committed to reaching the Paris Agreement's goals. We do not actively participate in oil and gas exploration in Arctic.

"Our economy is decarbonised faster than any other G20 nation, and we have a legally binding objective to reduce our emissions in the world. All countries must set specific targets for emissions reduction, including the State Articles, which we continue to achieve at the highest level.

"The United Kingdom is the world leader in climate change, but we need to do a lot more and study this report carefully".

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