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The Texas Badgers watches at the top watches Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball


The tone was established in the early season, when Wisconsin's male basketball team lost a partial match, the opponent had a helpless guard over the play-offs.

Nowadays, Badgers is showing off experience and knowledge in the back bets.

That's why it was Tuesday night at Kohl Center, where 22 UW n. They got a 12-point deficit in the second half, winning the ACC / Big Ten Challenge in the North Carolina state of 79/75.

It was a hero, D & # 39; Mitrik, the second point in the point of Trice point, ended with 18 points, with six support, with 34 goals scored. His greatest contribution was the jump of the set-time trial, to bring Badgers to one point.

And then he was in second position with Brad Davison, he won two free kicks and finished with 12 points. He also received four positions, including Trice's great shots.

"We are older teams than last year," said Tricke Badgers improved 6-1, on the way to the Big Ten opener, at 14. "The composition of these boys is only seen: it's never too high, it's never too high, even if it's just that kind of keel mentality."

Wisconsin Badgers male basketball team defeated North Carolina State Wolfpack, 79-75, ACC / Big Ten Challenge tonight …

A village will double against a great team, and Badgers played a lot against Wolfpack (6-1).

Senior center Ethan Happ overwhelmed roughly the first half with 19 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks to end.

Sophomore Aleem Ford, who returned from the left knee injury in the fourth day, took four points and finished 12 points in 21 minutes.

Ford, Redshirt's freshman wing Kobe King, trevor Anderson and Junior guard Brevin Pritzl combined 26 points off the UW bench. The four of them were captured during the UW's return.

"It was just a winning group," said Happ. "It was not (confidence) one or two boys. I do not know how it happened this year. I think we are more balanced than this year, and I think this really helped us this season."

Badgers scored 62.1 points in the second half and scored 21 points from 21 points to 3 points. They needed all the crimes that could occur in the state of North Carolina, they got 21 points for civil guard Markell Johnson and 18 junior guard C.J. Bryce.

He painted the smaller Wolfpack in Badgers in the 32-30s and finished at 36-30. In the second half they shot almost the UW shot, and Badgers gave him the greatest amount of time, Trice and Co. finally.

"February was felt as a conference game," North Carolina State coach Kevin Keatts said. "It was a great match. Unfortunately, we came to the end of the stick."

In the second semester, more than one point or two, the UW's Johnson, Bryce or Torin Dorn senior (14 points) could have recovered heating.

Trice tied the free kick in 1 minute, remaining 20 seconds and Happ hit the UW next best next time.

After talking about Johnson, UW took some time off the clock and tried to prepare a large balloon at the top of Happ and Trice. That was not the case, and Trice was not going to let anybody go by the man through the clock watch.

But Trice stopped to get his hot spot inside his arch and bury the shot-up jumper in Badgers 76-73 for 23.6 seconds left.

"When I had done five seconds, when I looked, and I know it's enough to get a move I want to move, that is, pulling one-dribble," said Tric. "And it's just sticking."

Davison won a left-wing nationalist with Johnson and stayed 17.9 seconds. Davison only took third in the second half.

"I continue playing defensively," Davison said. "You can not control calls, but it is something you can control in the right place and effort."

After Tricke's free throw, Johnson dropped out of 77.75 and 77.75 in 11.6 seconds.

After a season, Davison took a step forward and was missing. Unfortunately, in two liars, UG coach Greg Gard won "gritty".

"I think this group has embraced it," said Gard. "When the growth of last year, they had to punch a little more thoroughly, and they did this.

"There are a lot of things you can not plan and do not go where you want … But the desire to continue fighting is a good thing to challenge and challenge".

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