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The Tyrannosaurus rex in Canada is the largest in the world – Egunkaria

MONTREAL: The world's largest Tyrannosaurus rex found in western Canada in 1991, a paleontologist said Friday after a long process of reconstruction of the skeleton.

When they found a bottle of Scotia known as Scotty, they had a 13-meter-long T. Towers and probably weighed more.

More than 8,800 kilos (19,400 pounds), that is, more than carnivorous dinosaurs, said the University of Alberta.

"This is the rex rex," said Scott Persons, head of research at the Department of Biological Sciences and Ph.D.

"The size of the Tyrannosaurus is highly versatile, some people were more flexible than others, and some were stronger, Scotty proves strong," Persons said.

While the carnivorous skeleton was discovered in 1991, the paleontologist spent more than a decade removing the bare bones that covered bones.

Now they have only been able to analyze and unlimited their size, that is to say, their size.

"Scotty T. is the oldest rex known," he lived in his 30s, Persons said.

"According to the Tyrannosaurus standards, life was enormously long, and it was violent," said People. "Skeletal pathologies are the areas where rugged bones suffer from injuries." An exhibition with dinosaur bones opens in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in May.

Published on Dawn, March 24, 2019

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