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The United States says airstrike 24 al-Shabab extremists die in Somalia

JOHANNESBURG (AP) – The United States Army said Thursday that 24-year-old al-Shabab had killed Somali in a few months.

Speeding on Wednesday at an extreme land near Shebeeley in Hiran capital, north of Mogadishu, the African Command said in a statement.

This year, the United States made a ninth incident this year. U.S. nearly made 50 African people African-African Group last year against al-Shabab in Al-Qaeda, a radical African-Islamic group.

Al-Shabab has claimed the attack of a complex hotel in the capital city of Kenya killed 21 people in the previous month. The Kenyan troops have also directed extreme group extremist groups that are being deployed by troops, government offices and Mogadishu controls with suicidal bombs.

The group also steals humanitarian aid to hit many droughts in the country and extorting residents and travelers to fund their attacks.

The United States stated that airplanes were backing Somali forces, al-Shabab pressure and recruiting efforts in the region, especially in southern and central Somalia. Outside camps and other safe places are targeted.

In the United States said no civilians were killed or injured in the last airstrike.

On January 19, the U.S. air raid suddenly killed 52 Shabab extremists in the Juba region after a "large group" attacked Somali forces. Somalia's official intelligence has said that the extreme team had gathered around 400 fighters a week to launch an important offensive against Somalia and Kenya as an expected offensive.

In October, according to the United States, 60 fighters were killed in a controlled community of Al-Shabab in Harrimate in the Mudug province, in the mid-central part of the country.

The United States has intensified attacks against Somali al-Shabab, led by President Donald Trump. Experts believe that it will take more than one naval aircraft to defeat the extremists.


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