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The warming ocean can have a higher stormy storm

A rapid climate change, due to the warming of tropical oceans, may result in extreme storms occurring at the end of the century, NASA scientists said.

The research team led by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory found Hartmut Aumann's extreme storms – producing at least 3 millimeters of a 25-km-hour rainfall-when the sea surface was at a higher temperature. 28 degrees Celsius.

Also, 21 percent more are storms per 1 degree Celsius, rising surface temperatures in the ocean.

Today's climate model project, with stable carbon dioxide stabilization in the atmosphere (1 per cent per year), the temperature of the tropical ocean surface can increase by 2.7 centimeter at the end of the century.

If this were the case, extreme storms would be more frequent over 60 years ago, according to the researchers.

Even though climate models are perfect, such results can be conducive to the potential effects of climate change.

"Quantify our results and give more visual significance to the effects of ocean warming anticipated," said Aumann.

"More storms mean more floods, more structural damage, more crop damage, etc., unless measures are taken to alleviate measures."

For the research published in the book on Geophysical Research, the NASA Atmosphere Infrared Sound (AIRS) instrument contains 15-year data on stormy oceans, a sea-level temperature and their relative severity.


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