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To revive my wonderful friend, Season 1, Chapter 4


My wonderful friend

Le Smarginatura (Margin Cancellation)

Season 1

Chapter 4

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An elderly man, every time Elena is greeted, does not know him well, something strange happens. "It's so beautiful," said the man, a tone used to describe a trim on a butcher's shop in a sensible tone. Everyone who travels to the center of Naples from his father starts this way – and (I think) is complementary, and Elena is the only girl who wants to be a pretty girl. They do not say that they are happy to meet or ask how the city is going. His work, apparently, must be decorative, and his father's blessing is if he fulfills this role. In the 1950s, they were not exactly the age of excitement of gender equality, but still.

The inadequate dimension of women and men in the fourth section includes all the colors, which Lila and Elena have slipped from one end of adolescence to women, which, unfortunately, causes them. It is a competition between these two girls, yet two participants take part, Lila is mastering the life of adolescence and offering the romance romantic romance, and the first and then shaking Elena. boyfriend only to notify Lila news.

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