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Venus Soviet Runaway has avoided the spacecraft "to land on 2019"

A continual Russian expedition is colliding on Earth Earth and its hulking of the metal landing module can crash on the surface of the 2019 planet, experts have warned.

We tested Venus for the Cold War. Kosmos 482 is our way last year, so that the space stations could be between 2023 and 2025.

But astronomers have seen signals predict that the crash date is much closer.

Thomas Dorman, an astronomer, has watched the probe, and believes it could happen this year or maybe 2020.

The Soviet soldier Venera 8, the Kosmos sister-in-law, was successful in the mission four days before (Photo: Getty)
The Soviet space bombing was being fired at Venera 7 on Venus on August 17, 1970 (photo: Getty) said: "Our intention is that there may still be 40% and 50% of the high-end space bus.

The Orbita apogee highlights the slow start of decay.

"My intention right now is that the entry ends this year in the middle of next year.

& # 39; But predicting its disintegration is art as science.

Previously, the test fights between 52 degrees north latitude and 52 degrees southwards. There is a wide area on the planet.

This would be in the southern line of London and Britain, but in the north and in Scotland it would be safe.

However, the probe may crash into the sea.

The Soviet Union launched Kosmos in 1972 and supposed to land Venus's hellish surface.

Soviet space testing at Venera 7 in its testing and assembly field in 1970. (Photo: Sovfoto / UIG through Getty Images)
Venera 8 is under construction

Unfortunately, his rockets did not work well enough, so he was stuck in orbit.

Some spacecraft are smashed and burned in an atmosphere, but there is still a module with a weight of almost 500 kg.

It is designed to withstand the heat and pressure of Venus, so it is necessary to immerse yourself in the ground before immersed in the ground.

On the Earth's orbit, Venus pulled the engine failures in the Earth's elliptical crust for more than a month around the Earth, until the Earth's atmosphere was restored again. He wrote the NASA.

& # 39; Before being powered, only 125-second interval has been evacuated as an onboard timer.

"As a result, the spacecraft is an elliptical orbit around the Earth. Officially, the Soviets called the Kosmos 482 probe to conceal their true mission.

Another Venus 8 trial called Venus 8 was launched four days before Kosmos and was the first spacecraft to land Venus.

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