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Video: What are the economic benefits of Abu Dhabi F1? – Photos

In the last 10 years, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has raised 1.3 million visitors. Last year, 135,000 people attended the three days of the event. 60% of all procurement were purchased by non-UAE residents. Visitors exceed a five-day average and spend more than AED7,500 people.

Then he gives accommodation. Ten years ago Abu Dhabi had just 65 hotels and nowadays it has 115 hotels. Abu Dhabi hotel occupy 83% in November 2015, 75.4% throughout the year, according to Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Agencies report. While hotel rates range from 20% to 30%, many hotels have a 100% occupancy during the weekend of the race.

F1 accommodation is not cheap, however. According to Formula Money, the Middle East business started $ 2.6bn in the Grand Prix in Bahrain in 2004. Hospitality rates make up the largest part of F1's 1,8 billion annual income and last year totaled $ 608.3 million. Hospitality fees are an average of 30.4 million dollars per year per country, even though Abu Dhabi has been paying more for a seasonal period.

In this avant-garde edition, Shayan Shakeel and Lubna Hamdan have cut numbers, which F1 generates money and prestige on the UAE capital.

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