Monday , July 4 2022

We can work after the human brain "clinical death", trapped in the dead body & # 39; focusing 1 NEWS PRESENTATION


A new US university studies study says the human brains will die in the short term, when they are dead.

The University of New York University's School of Medicine's Stony Brook Research Group focused on the detainees of the European Union and the United States.

According to Ren Daily mailAccording to the study, those who survived the heart attack could recover while they were "clinically dead".

Dr. Parnia says that your heart stops and if your body movement fails, you will experience a way of consciousness.

You mean that your dead body is "trapped" in your brain, still working in a short time.

Also, evidence from the deceased is that there are also doctors listening to dead people.

Speaking with LiveScience, Dr. Parnia explained the typical scene described in his study survivors of heart arrests.

"When doctors and nurses are working, they will describe the whole conversation, considering the visuals that are happening, they do not know that way.

"It [the time a patient is declared dead] The heart is based on the moment it stays. Technically speaking, you get the time of death, "he said.

Death time will be announced when the heart stops, so the brain's functions can be interrupted almost immediately, Dr. Parnia says.

However, according to Dr Parnia, brain cells may also occur after active hours.

"If you get the heart restarted, that is, what the CPR does, it will help you start the brain's functioning again.

"The longer you are doing the CPR, brain cell death paths are still happening – a bit slower rate is happening.

"What happens is that it is possible to positively transform people who have had very deep experiences," says Dr. Parnia.

According to the Daily Mail, "his research is aimed at accelerating the quality of life and preventing brain injuries in the heart".

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