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WFP African Food Security of the African Republic of the Americas

The World Food Program in Zemio, in the Central African Republic, receives 36 thousand tonnes of food for life saving 18,000 people. The WFP, due to the East China region's 1,000-kilometer capital, Zemio, has not gotten into the road due to lack of security and transportation difficulties.

This World Summer Agricultural Program is the first time it has launched an airplane in Africa in the African Republic for one year. The WFP says that Zumito has not made food supplies and safety on the road, and has created a food crisis in the region.

The operation is spinning on eight planes. WFP has made six. The rest of the food was taken to the Zemio family's airport on Wednesdays.

The WFP spokesman, Herve Verhoosel, said that arriving in the air of food has reached thousands of places that can not be moved, because violence has increased. The VOA told the WFP it will re-evaluate Zemio situation to see if it will retrieve airplanes in coming weeks.

"Because of the military and security situations, most people are IDPs, they move to IDP camps, they do not have access to markets, but they do not allow malnutrition. It's also important for children, but also in the country," he said.

The United Nations has reported almost half of 5.7 million people in order to make it a bit of food. The latest national nutrition survey shows over seven to ten percent of acute malnutrition.

Verhoosel has said the WFP will increase emergency aid to vulnerable people in the country. But the agency said the operation was expensive, especially when the aircraft were billed. This year's agency claims far less than half of the $ 145 million resource, and it is critical that closing this funding gap should be closed.

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