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What is Breast Cancer?

What is Breast Cancer?

Male breast cancer is a rare cancer
Less than 1% of all breast cancer cancers and less than 1%
male cancer It has similarities with breast cancer females and shows it
similar accident rate with similar risk factors, indicating common ones
etiology Breast cancer is associated with male endocrine factors
Breast cancer and obesity history, bone fractures, obesity and genetic disorders
mutations Prostate cancer treatment is also related to men
A greater influence on breast cancer. Breast cancer differences among men
and women have a tumor size, they diagnose age, delaying the diagnosis
number of lymphocytes affected However, this is likely
Procedures for disease and breast cancer procedures in men.
Male breast cancer usually occurs as a painless mass on one side
Under the middle position nipple. Early progress will often be
Nipple involvement and also affected patients have also noticed the bleeding nipple

Should breast cancer be tested among males?

It's about testing breast cancer
Recommended for patients with Klinefelter Syndrome, X is an add-on
Male and female chromosome increases the risk of male breast cancer 20-50
times. Also, men with familiar genetic mutation mutations
The genes of the supraren tumor, BRCA2, have a higher risk of male breast cancer. Other
Risk factors include testicular anomalies with blood orchitis
testulence, creaking inguinal hernia, sedentary lifestyle, infertility,
Exposure of radiation to workplace, perfume or cosmetic
To show estrogen creams and products in the industry, or a
High temperature steel grinders, wheels,
and blast furnace factory.

Tests are available?

They are ultrasounds and mammograms
Selected imaging tests to evaluate breast cancer symptoms initially
These techniques are non-invasive and initially detect the presence of cancer
phases Cytological technologies, such as fine needle, nucleus or exposure biopsies,
thoroughly diagnosed with precision and breast cancer staging.

Is Breast Cancer Treatment?

Men's standard treatment
Breast cancer is a surgical rescue through mastectomy. Surgery may also be done
To remove muscles and lymph nodes in the breast region. Surgical
Tumor size and tumor invasion depend on the approach taken. patients
Chemotherapy and pre-operative or post-operative radiation
depending on the type of tumor.

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