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When you open the buds, keep your kids safe

Last week, Jay Inslee of the Washington Government declared public health care due to the ongoing evolution of hawthorn. 36 confirmed cases and 11 suspected cases reported by health officials since January 28.

Exceptions to non-vaccinated medical practitioners, Peter Hotez, an investigator of the infectious disease Baylor College of Medicine, has a significant impact. With these exceptions, Oregon and Washington "have been able to revitalize more fully anticipated appearances," said Vox. To be safe, here are some common myths, debunked.

"Alzheimer's, corpses and ruben vaccines cause autism"

To keep your children safe and strengthen the immunity of violence, make sure that there is no evidence that vaccines that confirm autism confirm. This myth was perpetuated with a small research in 1998, suggesting a link between MMR vaccine and autism by falsifying false data.

Since then, the findings of the research have been very rigorous by scientists, Andrew Wakefield, Secretary-General, U.K. Removing the doctor's record, unethical behavior and inappropriate behavior.

"There are other natural methods to prevent hawthorn"

It does not prevent claim claims that "natural immunity" or "clean food" can be effective preventative measures. Although hand washing is always a good habit, this is not enough. The measles virus is very contagious, it can live on the surfaces and in the air for up to two hours.

Vaccination is the most effective preventative measure and contains data that shows millions of lives. Exceptionally, children with impaired immune systems have not survived the virus vaccination. For this reason, the rest of the communities should be immunized, that is to protect some who can not vaccinate.

"One year old child is probably too young to be vaccinated"

The MMR vaccine should be administered for 12 months, a second dose, from 4 to 6 years old. "People are delaying their children's immunity because they are very little and worried about 12 months." Neal Halsey Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health School told NBC News.

Six children bring a fever after the first dose of the MMR vaccine, which increases the risk of children over 12 months. "So it's not safe to postpone. It's safer to get a vaccine on schedule," Halsey said.

"Adults do not worry about infected viruses"

Although it can be hired with all ages, hawser is thought to be a severe childhood illness. While adults are less likely to be at risk, some people who may be immune to any other factor that increases their healthcare or any other adverse exposure may be immune.

According to Alix Casler, MD, Orlando Healthcare Business, older adults may worsen some problems through the elm tree. If you suspect that you may be at risk, talk to your doctor and know how to protect yourself effectively.

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